Tabor College announces new Indoor Tennis Facility.

HILLSBORO, Kan. – Tabor College announces a new indoor tennis facility, thanks to the generous gifts of a multi-generational legacy family who had a vision and saw the need for an indoor training facility so the tennis team could practice and train year-round.

Initial conversations and planning began in 2019 with the Tabor College Board of Directors approving the project in early 2020. While the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the project start, construction is scheduled to be completed by December.

“Having an indoor facility at this level of play is rare,” said Luke Rencher, Tabor’s head tennis coach. “The hours we spent in past years removing snow and ice can now be used to practice. Having indoor courts will allow us to have serious practices and matches all year long and sets us apart from our competitors. I am so thankful for the generosity of the family that make this facility possible.”

The facility will have two indoor courts and will be located just south of the Joel H. Wiens Stadium parking lot. Vogt’s Construction has been selected as the contractor.

“The tennis facility is a wonderful addition to the campus,” President Jules Glanzer said. “Having an indoor training facility will increase the excellence we desire in our tennis program. I am so thankful for the family and their vision and generosity in helping Tabor achieve a new level of competitiveness and excellence with our tennis program.”

The facility is expected to have an impact on athletics and enrollment.

“Having this facility will have a far-reaching effect on our recruiting, retention and overall enrollment, including a positive impact on our other sports who have to share the Campus Recreation Center for training during the winter months,” Vice President of Operations Rusty Allen said.