Tabor Business Professor Authors Devotional Book

Tabor College announces the release of “Iron Sharpens Iron: Daily Proverbs for Today’s Martial Artist” by Melinda Rangel, associate professor of business management at Tabor.

The book, Rangel’s first published work, addresses the question whether martial arts and Christianity go together and answers with a resounding yes. Martial arts can be a way to reach others for Christ.

“Many people only view martial arts in a negative context, and see it as a way to promote violence, advocate fighting and encourage meditation to other gods,” said Rangel. “What they are missing is the true heart of the art and fail to see the many advantages this art offers, which include discipline, respect and self-control.”

Written with a devotional intent, the book guides readers in their personal walk by assimilating the benefits of martial arts in daily Christian life by using the 31 chapters of Proverbs. Presented through the lens of a martial artist, the devotionals weave scripture into martial arts training, understanding and growth. Following each daily bible reading, a devotion highlights specific teachings within the chapter.

“The daily devotions from Proverbs are designed to strengthen your daily walk with Christ as you continue your journey of reaching mastery of your art,” she said.

Rangel started writing her book in 2006.

“I let doubt and fear take over, and I quit writing,” she said. “In May of 2020 God told me it was time to finish what I had started.” 

With the book more than half completed, she picked up the project and wrote the last 12 chapters last summer. Tabor College senior Andrew Kinser, a graphic design student, created the cover art for the book.

Rangel and husband Chris said they want the book to reach martial artists for Christ and view it as another tool they can use at their martial arts school, as well as to the broader martial arts community, to share the Gospel.

“God can and does work in all things—martial arts is no exception,” said Frank Johnson, executive vice president of academics and compliance. “I appreciate Professor Rangel’s testimony and am sure this work will be an encouragement to many.”

The book will be available for purchase starting March 23 through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.