Graduated in 1991
Business Administration

  • Pastor at Trailhead Church
  • Founder of Trailhead Coaching – Consulting/Business Services
  • Son of a Tabor grad
  • Father of a Tabor student
“How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose understanding rather than silver!” Proverbs 16:16 (NIV)

In a world where:

Our culture is highly competitive… We face ethical dilemmas… I’m not sure of my place…

I entered college with no discernable study skills and a very poor academic track record. My high school counselor had suggested that based on my GPA and ACT score that perhaps college would not be the “best fit” for me.

I needed:

Better study skills… A solid education in a Christian context… Confidence…

At Tabor, I received a very solid business education. But what I most appreciated was an introduction to thinking about business in the context of a Christian worldview. I was challenged to think about the role of profit, about ethics, about character and about leading in the way of Jesus.

Tabor provided:

Personalized attention from faculty… Character development… Opportunities to lead…

After my first semester, I remember concluding that perhaps I could perform academically at this level. I graduated with high honors, but much more importantly developed a love for learning, which continues to this day. Through different campus activities, I also discovered that I have leadership skills. Although Tabor’s academics were and continue to be strong, at least half of my learning came outside of the classroom.
– Jeff Nikkel, Class of 1991