Revised Spring Semester Plans Announced

Students on campus

Tabor College announces that Interterm classes will begin Thursday, Jan. 7, with spring semester classes to start Tuesday, Feb. 2. Courses will be offered in both hybrid and in-person to meet the needs of faculty and students. Larger classroom spaces have been configured for physical distancing and in-person instruction. Hybrid classes will continue to be offered for students in isolation or quarantine.

Schedule adjustments have been made to reduce risk for the college community. Spring break is canceled for 2021. In its place, Tabor will use select “Cabin Fever” days during the semester to give students and faculty a chance to take a break from the normal routine to catch up and be refreshed. Additionally, commencement will move up one week on the calendar and be held May 15.

When faculty, staff and students return following Christmas break, Tabor plans a similar re-entry process as used to reopen after the summer. Everyone will be tested for COVID-19 before they engage on campus.

“Thank you for your understanding, positive attitude and ‘can do’ spirit,” Tabor President Jules Glanzer told the college community. “By God’s grace and with his help, we are meeting the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am convinced that God’s hand is in our global experience. His purpose on earth is being fulfilled. I am thankful for the privilege of participating with him in his mission.”