Project SEARCH Signs Interns for Inaugural Year

HILLSBORO, Kan. – Tabor College Project SEARCH signed four interns for its inaugural year. Tanner Jasper of Hillsboro, Kan.; Christopher Anderson of Newton, Kan.; and Ryan Hutton of Newton, Kan., attended a signing event on campus Thursday, May 4. Alexandria Larson of Hillsboro was not able to attend the event, but will be part of the intern group in the fall.

“We’re excited to be offering this program to four interns in the first year,” said Robert Haude, chair of the Project SEARCH advisory committee. “These are excellent young people with bright futures and we’re excited to see all that they will accomplish through the program.”

Haude will lead education for the students who will spend part of their time in a classroom and part of their time working on campus. Interns will begin their term mid-August 2017 and spend two years in the program before moving on to jobs outside the program.

“The goal of Project SEARCH is to help people with disabilities gain employment,” Haude said. “We are thrilled to be working with Tabor to provide a work site that will nurture and prepare interns for their next step.”

Project SEARCH is a partnership between Tabor College and Marion County Special Education Cooperative. The two organizations participate on the advisory committee that meets on campus monthly and includes area experts in special education and job placement. Daneen Landis, career services coordinator for Tabor, serves as vice chair of the committee and business liaison for Tabor.

The program is new to Tabor College, but was first launched in 1996 in Cincinnati. Project SEARCH has grown to more than 300 work sites across the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia. Kansas has been hosting sites for six years and Tabor College is the 13th location added in the state.

Project SEARCH Ryan Hutton
Ryan Hutton, Newton, Kan.
Christopher Anderson PS Intern
Christopher Anderson, Newton, Kan.
Tanner Jasper PS Intern
Tanner Jasper, Hillsboro, Kan.