Tabor College, School of Adult & Graduate Studies, offers a textbook delivery service to the students in an effort to provide timely delivery of all textbooks and resources for their coursework.

In order for you to purchase your textbooks on your own, please read below and understand your rights and responsibilities when doing so.

  • If your financial aid eligibility changes or your award is re-calculated, you will be responsible for any unpaid amount not covered by your aid
  • If you do not receive financial aid or withdraw prior to receiving your financial aid, all outstanding tuition and fee charges will be your responsibility
  • A resource fee will still be assessed for all additional resources provided to you in and during class
  • You will be fully responsible for purchasing and receiving all required textbook(s) for each course on or before your course start date
  • If for any reason you have not received your textbook(s) on time, it is not the responsibility of the Tabor College (both faculty and staff) to provide extenuating accommodations to you
  • If you “opt-out” at any point in the program and then “opt-in” again to the book service Tabor College provides, your account will incur a $50 service and administrative fee.
  • By clicking "Yes" above, and submit below, you understand that you are opting out of the textbook service provided by Tabor College and are fully responsible for providing your own textbook(s) and resources.
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