About the Program

At Tabor, we want to enhance your understanding and skills in criminal justice, as well as advance your career opportunities.

The Criminology and Restorative Justice Program design is responsive to the evolving criminal justice system in America. Students will gain understanding of the dynamic and frequently reactive relationship between the modern justice system, greater society and the individual.

The educational experience allows students to explore human behavior, system breakdowns, civil unrest, legal issues, communication, and countered with refreshing alternatives to restorative, peace-infused, and faith-based solutions.  You will be personally challenged and enriched through this 36-hour online program.

Program Highlights

  • Up to 84 credit hours may be transferred into a Bachelor of Science at Tabor College Wichita.New TCW Pricing
  • The program is delivered online which is ideal for busy people with jobs and/or families.
  • Affordable tuition with many students qualifying for financial aid.
  • Each course is intensive and offered in an accelerated format with most students taking one class at a time. This means more focus and less stress.
  • All instruction is faith-based and taught by a well-qualified Christian faculty.
  • Apart from transcripts from other colleges attended, there are no standardized tests or no specific course prerequisites to enroll.
  • Tabor College is regionally accredited and has been named as a top 5 online college in Kansas.


  • Criminal Justice in America
  • Theories of Criminology
  • Ethics in Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Law
  • Restorative Justice
  • Victimology
  • Conflict Management
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Diversity Issues in Criminal Justice
  • Criminology Statistics
  • Crime in the Bible
  • Senior Seminar

Why Criminology and Restorative Justice at Tabor College online?

  • Ideal for experienced professionals who desire to advance their learning and credentials
  • Field experience/internships & guidance from community advisors integrated into the program
  • Students with an associate’s degree in Criminal Justice are on track to complete this Bachelor of Science degree in two years
  • Students learn the skills identified by professionals as most sought after for new hires, law enforcement academies & continued professional advancement
  • Emphasis on ethical principles, applied practice & solution focused perspective
  • A commitment to community service & personal responsibility