New TABOR 20 scholarship seeks seniors in MB churches

Tabor College is offering a unique scholarship worth $112,000 over four years for high school seniors graduating in 2020 who attend Mennonite Brethren churches.

The new “TABOR 20” scholarship will provide $28,000 per year. It can be renewed all four years and will be awarded to a minimum of 30 students.

“Tabor College continues to provide the kind of student experience that not only provides an outstanding education, but also offers an advantage for students who qualify,” said Rusty Allen, Tabor’s executive vice-president of operations.

Allen added, “While we believe we have an excellent student experience to offer students, we believe they have much to offer the Tabor campus as well. We believe in the potential of our MB youth.”

Prospective students can apply by: (1) Download the free “Discover Tabor” app on your smart phone; (2) Scroll to the TABOR 20 graphic and click it; (3) Fill out and submit the form.

Once submitted, Tabor’s admissions office will get in touch with each applicant to talk about next steps. The steps are: (1) Complete the application process for admission to Tabor; (2) Write a one-page essay on a topic that admissions will send you; (3) Schedule a campus visit; (4) Have an interview with a TABOR 20 selection team member while on your campus visit.

Applicants selected for a TABOR 20 scholarship would owe about $12,000 during the student’s freshman year.

“Any outside scholarships, grants or loans will be applied to reduce the amount owed,” Allen said. “We want MB youth at Tabor College. I encourage all of them to apply for TABOR 20 soon.”