Master of Education in Neuroscience and Trauma opens with high enrollment

Members of the Master of Education in Neuroscience and Trauma meet in Wichita in late May 2021.

Dr. David Stevens stood in the back of a Courtyard Marriot ballroom in late May, pausing and taking in the arrival of 34 students who formed the opening cohort of the Master of Education in Neuroscience and Trauma.

The program, which officially launched in the spring after its orientation in Wichita, Kan., is the first of two graduate programs to launch at Tabor College in 2021. The new Master in Business Administration in Sports Management and Leadership will launch in the fall.

“The emotions were pretty intense the first time I stood up to address them,” he said. “… I told them, ‘You have to give me a minute to take this in.’ It hit me that in my mind, this was an academic program, but when I stood in front of the students, it became real, and it was beautiful. It still is emotional to think back and see 34 take up an entire room.”

Stevens, who serves as the director of the program, was thrilled by the interest from prospective students. He said he and college leadership hoped for eight to 15 students in an opening cohort. Instead, they installed two groups of 17 students each. He estimated that nearly 60 students applied for the opening term.

The feedback from prospective students, both before and after acceptance, is what has raised Stevens’s and the college’s expectations of this brand-new program. It opened the door to a wide range of applicants, including teachers, social workers and positions in ministry.

To learn more about the program or to contact Stevens about future terms, visit or email him at

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