Telephone Sales Representative - Remote Position

Merix Dispatching is a company within the Transportation Industry that focuses on building relationships with shippers and carriers. The company is based in the USA. Our company sources freight opportunities and connects carriers with those opportunities. The CEO of our company wants to ensure that the service is excellent for all business associations while maintaining a safe environment for workers to voice concerns or recommendations for improvement. This position is remote.

So who are you? You are someone who shares our drive to succeed – sometimes your friends may even think you are a little shameless. You were always known for starting side hustles to make money on your own. You depend on your own drive and creative intuition to succeed. When you put your mind to something, you get it done. You are comfortable communicating with all types of people including irritated clients, people with short attention spans, and people with a time is money attitude.

This role is a remote B2B sales role with a generous commission-only compensation structure. The commission structure is based on successfully closing the deal with the carrier to onboard to the company. After the truck has been dispatched for the first week and the fee collected for the service has been received we will compensate you 25% of the revenue for the first week the truck is dispatched. You may ask well how much money is that? 

Here’s just some of the criteria that this person would meet:

  • Has their own computer and high speed internet connection.
  • Proficient in English.
  • Can work from home without distractions.
  • Is willing to learn new skills. Can easily be trained in other skills.
  • Is able to close deals and bring revenue to the company
  • Able to work during business hours (7 am – 9 pm EST)
  • Hours are flexible. 

Has the following skills/experiences:

  • Prior Cold Calling Experience
  • Pleasant Phone Demeanor
  • Market Research
  • Previous and successful track record of making high ticket sales
  • Able to relate to US customers and not be robotic working from a script


If you’re interested in this unique opportunity, please do the following…


To apply, send us an email at with your resume and make sure to include a recording demonstrating your sales skills. In the subject of the email title it: “I’m a student hustler!”