“The wisdom of the prudent is to give thought to their ways…”
Proverbs 14:8

“Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.”
James 3:13

We are so excited to have you back on campus this fall and look forward to an exciting school year!  

Out of an abundance of caution and taking into consideration local, state, and national guidelines, the following has been put in place to help our students safely move in and to do our best to maintain the health and welfare of the Tabor and the Hillsboro community. We want to thank all of you in advance for your cooperation. 

Prior To Arrival (All Students)

  1. Self-quarantine following the CDC guidelines for two weeks prior to your arrival day if you are from a state or country listed on the KDHE website
  2. Students should plan on bringing only two guests to help move-in.
    1. If you and your family are planning to arrive before the scheduled move-in date, you will need to plan for your own accommodations off-campus. See the Bluejay Resource Guide that was mailed to you for hotel locations and contact information.
  3. Complete the Health Screening Questionnaire for you and your two guests within 24 hours of arriving on campus.
    1. The form will be active 24 hours before your scheduled move in date.  
  4. Bring a COVID-Care kit that includes: at least 1 cloth mask, thermometer, hand sanitizer, and antibacterial wipes for extra personal hygiene and care. 

Move-In And Orientation (All Students/Parents)

Is the check-in and move-in process different due to COVID-19?

  • Yes, the move-in process will look different than in years past. Instead of traditional Fast Pass elements on the first day, students will go through a different process which involves COVID-19 screening and testing to safely and effectively move-in students. We want to thank you ahead of time for your cooperation. The details include:

Check-in during a specific time slot at the Shari Flaming Center for the Arts on the north side of campus to verify completion of the Health Screening Questionnaire and the Tabor Together pledge, COVID-19 testing, and, as applicable, get a physical.

  • Address: Tabor College, 400 S Jefferson St, Hillsboro, KS 67063 
  • Students will be given a time slot for check-in so we can better manage physical distancing, the population density on campus, and allow us to safely and effectively assist students. We ask that students and their guests strictly adhere to the time slots they are given.
  • The Health Screening Questionnaire and Tabor Together pledge must be completed within 24 hours of arriving on campus. 
  • Students will be tested for COVID-19 on campus and will be provided with results within an hour.
  • The COVID-19 test we are using is a nasal swab administered just inside the nostril.  It is not the nasal swab test that goes deep into the cavity between the nose and mouth that causes discomfort. 
  • COVID-19 testing will be billed to the student’s insurance.  Since Tabor has an FDA-approved COVID-19 test under provisions of the CARES Act, the costs associated with diagnostic testing will be covered by student’s insurance with no copay or deductible.  If a student is denied coverage for the test, Tabor will incur the cost of the test.
  • For student-athletes, physicals should be completed prior to arriving on campus. For student-athletes who aren’t able to complete a physical prior to arriving, Tabor College will have medical personnel on campus to complete physicals.  There is a $30 cash charge for the on campus physical.
  • Students will not be allowed to move into their room/house if they have not completed the process above during their assigned timeslot. If you have any questions please call 620-947-3121 ext. 1034.
  • Once students have successfully completed the Health Screening Questionnaire and Tabor Together pledge, received a negative COVID-19 test, and a physical, they will be given their keys to move in.
    • Students are limited to two guests to help them move-in. 
    • In order to limit exposure across campus, parents and other guests should plan to leave the campus as soon as they have moved their student into their place of residence.
    • Wear face covering in buildings and residence halls while moving in. 
  • Students will complete Fast Pass and Financial Settlement at a later date after they have move-in.  More information will be forthcoming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Freshmen Orientation happen this year?

Will there be a Parent Orientation?

  • Yes; however, instead of a face-to-face Parent Orientation, there will be a virtual Parent Orientation on Saturday, August 8th at 10:30 am for all interested parents. A link will be provided on our https://tabor.edu/home/openandready/ webpage on Friday, August 7th. 

What can I do as a parent to help my student move in and maintain the safety of others while on campus? 

  • Please make sure your student has added you to the parent/guest list and has completed the health screening questionnaire on your behalf.
  • Wear face covering during your time on campus, including during the move-in process.
  • The move-in process is structured in a way that limits the number of people on campus at any given time, so we ask that you help your student move-in expeditiously to help us maintain a lower density on campus and to help with physical distancing.  If you need extra things for your student, we suggest making your trips to the store before your scheduled move-in time. 
  • Once your student is moved in, it’s time for a final hug and to say goodbye. We are aware of the difficulty presented by this approach and wish that it didn’t have to be this way. 

What To Expect When You Return To Campus (All Students)

  1. What are the ways I can help keep the campus safe and mitigate/limit the spread of COVID-19? 
    1. Refer to the Tabor Together pledge to understand how you can best contribute to the health and wellness of the Tabor and surrounding community.
    2. Stay aware of the current color (level of risk) the college is operating in as it pertains to Tabor College Institutional COVID-19 plan. Please check out Tabor’s institutional plan at tabor.edu/openandready.  Everyone’s flexibility, adaptability, and responsible behavior will help us be successful.   
    3. Complete regular self-health screenings to monitor symptoms. This will be a part of Tabor’s protocols in some form while on campus. Although we encourage you to bring your own thermometer, several mounted thermometers will be placed on campus for your convenience to help check temperatures.
    4. Facial coverings are required in all public areas, inside all buildings, and outdoors when physical distancing cannot be maintained. Exceptions to facial coverings will be limited to eating in the dining hall, occupying one’s own residence hall room, and participating in athletic practices and games. Even though exceptions are made for these areas, a modified approach to facial covering could be imposed. Facial covering will be in effect for all students starting August 1 will continue until further notice by the Crisis Management Team.  
    5. Guests are not allowed in the residence halls. All guests are limited to non-residential public or outside areas on campus and must follow campus protocols while on campus (i.e. facial coverings). The only exception to this protocol are guests who have been screened for move-in days. Creating a level of protection for living areas is important for the safety of our students.
    6. Adjustments to Open Hours will be in conjunction with the different color-coded risk-levels on our campus.  Open Hours will be posted in the residence halls/houses to provide guidance. 
    7. A final plan for Chapel is still in progress. Chapels are a central part of Tabor’s corporate spiritual life so we are evaluating ways we can maintain a safe environment.  Several modifications to chapels should be expected which may include facial coverings and physical distancing.   
  1. If the need arises, is there a plan to quarantine/isolate students?  
    1. If it is safe and reasonable to do so, we will encourage students to quarantine/isolate at their permanent home address. If it is not safe and reasonable to send a student to their permanent home address, there is somewhat limited space available to quarantine/isolate students.
    2. It is also possible that entire floors or mods and groups may have to undergo self-quarantine while testing occurs.

Adjusted Schedule

The administration and faculty have agreed to an adjusted fall academic calendar for Hillsboro residential students. Under the new schedule, classes will begin as previously determined and end with final exams on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. By having classes on Labor Day and canceling Fall break, the full semester is completed before Thanksgiving. The condensed schedule reduces the risk of national travel exposure while maintaining a quality educational experience for the students. Online course programs will continue as previously planned.