Current Level: Green

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Procedures and safety measures

During the move in and orientation time, the campus will be at YELLOW level and continue until further notice.

  • We are committed to providing a safe and reasonable learning environment for the entire Tabor community as we live life together during the COVID pandemic, fulfilling our mission. The following parameters guided the development of the phase-based plan:
  • Tabor follows the modified academic calendar with all residential classes and finals concluding before Thanksgiving break.
  • Mandatory screening and testing of all employees and students are conducted when they arrive on campus in August.
  • Athletes are tested and screened according to NAIA/KCAC guidelines.
  • Athletic programs follow NAIA guidelines.
  • The former Hillsboro hospital and Tabor-owned houses will be used for quarantine and isolation purposes.
  • Tabor is partnering with Vivature and the Hillsboro hospital to set up a CLIA approved laboratory in the old Welcome Center for the purpose of administering rapid antigen testing. The hospital will staff the lab and oversee related medical needs of students and employees. The analyzer has the capacity to process 30-50 tests per hour.
  • Campus signage will communicate pertinent information.
  • When contact tracing is needed, it will be in conjunction with the Marion County Health Department.
  • All Fall 2020 residential courses will be offered in a hybrid model.
  • Additional tactical plans have been developed by the functional areas. They have authority to require protocols more stringent than the institutional plan in keeping with their unique circumstances.
  • Transition between the following color levels is determined by the Crisis Management Team in consultation with the President.

Continue to check back here for updates and news as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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