Four trips set for students, alumni over Interterm 2022

Tabor College global travel is officially set to reopen in December 2021. Trips to Israel (x 2), Guatemala, France, and Thailand highlight the upcoming Interterm slate.

Craig Jost, Carson Center for Global Engagement director and assistant professor of intercultural studies, provided a glimpse of all available trips. Each trip is open to current students and alumni

“There are diverse opportunities for anyone who wants to participate,” Jost said.

ACTION Tabor College—France + Thailand

Tabor is sending two discipleship/ministry teams alongside Multiply Mission. The groups will serve 24 days alongside long-term missionaries as they minister to their diverse communities. The trip is open Tabor students and others that feel called to serve and learn together.

The college sends out ministry teams out every two years to work with Multiply teams. Jost said these trips provide valuable experience for those interested in cross-cultural missions, stepping alongside teams that are already serving in these countries. It’s a commitment to work on the projects that are already in place from these mission teams.

“We want them to partner with long-term missionaries and have connections within the culture,” he said. “… We’re not just doing a missions trip, we’re working through discipleship with the participants. You learn what it looks like to be a global disciple.”

Biology + Social Work—Guatemala

The Carson Center has partnered with SEMILLA in Guatemala for a 15-day trip. The organization, located in Guatemala City, provides biblical and theological training for adult students through Latin America and the Caribbean. Participants on this learning/ministry trip will explore the unique culture and biology of Central America. Students and other participants will learn the connection between the spiritual, social, and ecological challenges in this culturally rich and diverse part of the world.

The biology trip returns after visiting Belize two years ago. Social work has been added because of COVID-19 restrictions in Nepal.

“Tabor’s biology students and trip participants will have an opportunity to study in the (Guatemalan) Highlands,” Jost said. “Professor Lara Vanderhoof will be headed there in August to do an exploratory trip with them and to see how we can connect with our institution.”

Israel—Jerusalem Seminar

Tabor is once again offering the Jerusalem Seminar; a travel, study, and renewal seminar to Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. It has been a pivotal trip in the lives of many students and alumni. The trip is led by Dr. Doug Miller, professor emeritus of biblical/religious studies at Tabor College. It’ll bring light to the biblical text in the context of Palestine’s history and geography.

It’ll also investigate the religions and cultures of the Middle East, aid in comprehending the dynamics of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and create space for reflection, worship, and prayer. This is a study trip that is open to Tabor students, alumni, and anyone else interested in learning more about this important region of the world.

“It’s a trip backward (into the Bible) and seeing it come to life,” Jost said. “It’s also a trip of the present and the future, with significant opportunities to listen to local people talk about their lives. They also take time to reflect and pray. It is an exciting time of renewal and exploration.”

Israel— Choir to Music Celebrations International

Tabor College is partnering with Music Celebrations International to send students, alumni, and any other participant to Israel to be a part of a Kansas-Nebraska Voices of Faith Chorus. The trip also includes visits and devotionals at many important historical sites.

The locations of the performances include: Kibbutz Nof Ginosar in Tiberias, Church of Annunciation in Nazareth, Bethlehem University Church in Bethlehem, St. George Cathedral in Jerusalem. All locations are subject to change. The 11-day trip will include stops at numerous locations through Israel.

“It’s a spectacular opportunity to be able to say you sang in Bethlehem, Nazareth, or Jerusalem,” Jost said.

The deadline to apply is Sept. 15. To learn more about the Carson Center for Global Engagement, visit You can also apply for these trips by visiting