Distinguished Visiting Professor, Leonard Sweet


  • Ph.D. University of Rochester (History)
  • M.Div., Colgate-Rochester/Bexley Hall/Crozer Theological Seminary (Church History)
  • B. A. with Honors (History and Psychology)
  • Numerous Honorary Doctorates (D.D.)

Professional Background

  • Distinguished Visiting Professor at Tabor College (current)
  • E. Stanley Jones Professor, Drew University (current)
  • Dean of the Divinity School & Vice-President of Academic Affairs, Drew University
  • Distinguished Visiting Professor, George Fox University, Newburg, Ore.
  • President & Professor of Church History, United Theological Seminary Dayton, Ohio
  • Provost & Professor of Church History, Colgate-Rochester/Bexley Hall/Crozer Theological School/St. Bernard’s Seminary

Recognitions & Awards

  • Routinely voted one of “Most Influential Christians in America”
  • Selected as “One of 10 Most Influential Christians in the World” in 2010
  • Grammy Nominee for “Soul Tsunami” audiobook


  • Published 60 books, most recently From “Tablet to Table” (2015)
  • Chief Contributor to Sermons.com, with 1,500 published sermons
  • Dozens of Academic Articles, Scores of Forewords


  • Guest speaker and preacher at major conferences/conventions including: largest church in the world (Seoul, Korea), largest Christian gathering in North America (Edmonton, Alberta, three times) and largest Christian gathering in the world (Maramon, India, 2016)
  • Guest Lecturer at universities throughout North America


  • Served multiple terms on the editorial board of Theology Today, Journal of the American Academy of Religion (JAAR)

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