Early Enrollment Outlook

Tabor College experienced a decrease in undergraduate enrollment and an increase in graduate enrollment.  Based upon the fifth day enrollment (not final), undergrad enrollment is down approximately 10% compared to a year ago. The reduced number is a result of fewer new students and lower retention.  Meanwhile, graduate enrollment in the MBA, MSN and MEI programs experienced growth of 11%.

“We believe we have the right strategies in place to address this challenge for the coming year and we have already put into place action steps that will positively impact enrollment for the 2020-21 school year,” stated President Glanzer.  “We knew this would be a rebuilding year and the numbers reflect that. And most importantly, we do not expect to make any expense reductions.  We believe that with the budget adjustments made last year, combined with continued success with the TaborNOW! Campaign, an increased focus on better retention from fall to spring, and recruiting additional transfers to come to Tabor for the spring semester, we do not need to make any budget cuts.”

We continue to ask for your prayers for Tabor and your gifts to TaborNOW! as we navigate through this enrollment decrease.

The College will be breaking ground in mid September for the new Shari Flaming Welcome Center made possible by the generosity of Chuck Flaming.