Dr. Klein Serving on the Front Line

Tracy Klein is a 1995 Tabor alumnus and is married to Shawna (Gossen), alum of 1996. Tracy is a family practice physician in Wichita, Kan., and has been doing clinical practice as well as medical research for almost 20 years.

He shared: “I am so thankful for Tabor College and the role it has played in my life’s journey. It could be said that Tabor was a foregone conclusion for me, having been the seventh sibling to attend, but I would say I chose Tabor because I knew it would get me to my medical-school goal if I did the necessary work. It is true that other paths may have led me to this destination, but where else would I have been able to dabble in athletics and sing in musical groups and nearly get the lead in “The Music Man”? (James Epp was definitely the better choice.) More importantly, would I have been challenged to establish a foundation of faith that allows me to stand firm in these uncertain times? Would I still try daily to remember to whom I belong, and to live in a way that honors my creator?”

Dr. Klein noted he is doing his best to help people maximize their health potential. Plus, he also gets to work with pharmaceutical companies to do clinical trials. In fact, his team is currently awaiting final approval to be involved in an effort to find a safe and effective immunization to prevent COVID-19.

When reflecting on his college choice he noted, “If I could go back, there are certainly things I would like to change, attending Tabor is not one of them.” The impact of Tabor was not missed by the next generation in their family. Tracy and Shawna’s oldest daughter plans to enroll at Tabor College this fall.