Brad Prescott in OfficeBrad Prescott knows a thing or two about Tabor College. After an undergraduate experience that saw him achieve all-conference football honors and a degree in behavioral science in Hillsboro, he pursued his Master’s in Business Administration through Tabor College-Online.

“I pursued the graduate program at Tabor College because I knew my life would dramatically change with an MBA from Tabor College-Online. I knew the academic rigor would be challenging and thought-provoking, but ultimately it would open doors and be beneficial for my calling.”

Prescott highlighted the critical parts of the MBA program, and boiled it down to learning about leadership in a business atmosphere. He voiced his perspective with a sense of gratitude.

“On the surface, most people would think of general leadership, but it’s more complicated than that. Leadership can be broken down into many different theories and disciplines. Tabor College broke those all down with plenty of source material to analyze and dictate. At the end of my time in my graduate program, I felt competent to tackle challenges in my life using what I had learned about leadership and applying it every day. Though the concept of leadership was challenging, it prepared me for my professional career.”

Asked about the importance of a Christ-centered education, Prescott replied:

Brad Prescott playing football

“Prior to enrolling at Tabor College-Hillsboro, I could not possibly comprehend what a Christ-centered academic institution would be like for my personal growth. Not only did I experience an outstanding education, but I was blessed with a spiritual journey that changed my life for the better. My grounded belief in Christ has not only helped me personally, but it has shaped the way I conduct myself as a husband and father. Another great part about Tabor College is the lifelong relationships I made while I was there. I have amazing friends from across the country, and I am still connected with them very closely. Those connections have helped me in my professional career as well.”

The knowledge that Brad Prescott received through the MBA program at Tabor College Online plays a valuable part in his everyday professional life. He currently is a business manager at West Kern Environmental Consulting in Bakersfield, Calif., where he lives with his wife, Jessica, and their son, Atticus. He helps to conduct biological assessments for various oil and gas companies in the greater Kern County area.