This Week's Goals: Pass Midterms and Start Spring Break

This week has been full of finishing last assignments, fun events and studying for midterms. With spring break coming quickly, professors seem to be insistent on making their final projects due on the same dates. This was time consuming and brought a lot of stress. Thankfully, I think I finally made it through all of those tasks without too much of a headache!

Tabor is a hopping place! From last Thursday to Sunday, theater students performed¬†Radium Girls, a play that tugged on the heartstrings of the entire audience.¬†Tuesday night, Tabor’s Student Activities Board was able to bring two musical artists, Christian rapper Propaganda and The Gray Havens, to give a concert. It’s quite the honor to get such a renowned name as Propaganda at a small Kansas college. He also spoke in chapel earlier in the day, and his message of unity and respect was powerful. He was very relatable, and I think that many students could identify with his lesson.

Midterms has been the easiest thing about my week. Sure, it’s time consuming and annoying, but I didn’t think that my midterms were terribly difficult. Most of my professors treat them the same as chapter tests rather than testing on everything from the first part of the semester. I still have one more test to take before I can start spring break, and I hope that I feel as good as I do now once they’re all over!

As I’m looking forward to going home over spring break with six and a half months of college under my belt, I’m realizing that it seems normal to go back home. I feel like I’ve fully left the awkward stage of transition between my parents’ home and my college home. I have a sense of comfort and belonging to two places at once, a feeling I didn’t understand until I was in the situation.

I’m excited to get a week to relax and spend time with my family over the next week. I know that it will be a good transition before starting the last section of my freshman year!


Stay Taboriffic!