A Pause for Peace Between Wild Weeks

This week is one of the few that I’m not bombarded with tasks and assignments. It’s great to have a moment to relax and not be nervous about having time to get every little thing done. At times, it feels like professors conspire together to make assignments due the same week. ┬áThe past weeks have been crazy, and next week may not be so different as I take several midterms. But for now, I am relishing in the fact that I have down time.

I finished a puzzle, played quite a bit of guitar, and even spent a lot of time with friends. And it’s only Wednesday! I look forward to continuing this, but the downside is that I can get accustomed to doing less work. Then when I receive work to do, I don’t feel like doing it because it’s not time-sensitive. Sometimes I end up procrastinating, thinking that I have all the time in the world to take care of those things, when in reality all it does is make me worry more about it later on. I don’t have the best system of procrastination, but I continually put myself in those situations. I hope to get better about that!

Though I struggle with managing my priorities, I’m grateful to have a break from schoolwork. This lets me focus on other things that make college so great. It’s not all about the work, though some professors may think so. My experience has taught me that it’s good to step back for a bit and build strong relationships rather than immerse myself in assignments. No matter how many things I pile on my plate, it’s imperative that I take breaks once in a while. Thankfully, this week is a sort of extended break, but soon it will ramp up again for a while before spring break!


Stay Taboriffic!