The Home Stretch of Freshman Year is in Sight!

The Easter weekend seemingly went by very quickly! I didn’t go home for the holiday, which was tough. It was the first Easter that I haven’t spent with my family. I missed them a lot, but I spent the holiday with another welcoming family. It was interesting to see how different families have different traditions, and I enjoyed seeing Easter celebrated through another lens.

The Easter break was our last small amount of time off until school ends in May! I’m realizing that so much time at college has flown by very quickly. Everyone is already looking ahead and preparing for the coming year. I’ve confirmed my fall schedule with my advisor and set up my housing, which feels very odd. It all feels rushed to me. We still have this semester to finish, and I want to live in the moment! This is the only freshman year that I’ll have, so I need to cherish every minute that I get in this stage of life.

I’ve been involved in several campus organizations my freshman year, and I’m humbled to have been asked to fill a few leadership roles during my sophomore year. I have a feeling that it will be another year of college that God is going to stretch me and pull me out of my comfort zone! I worry that I don’t have enough qualifications or time to fully benefit the people that I’ll be serving. My sophomore year will bring more surprises and adventures, and I’ll find my groove somewhere amidst the adjustment!

I’m sad to announce that my procrastination levels are rising higher and higher. A new season of a show on Netflix came out, so I’ve been prioritizing binge-watching rather than homework. Thankfully, this week hasn’t given me a lot of trouble with assignments, so I’ve been able to get away with a few hours of Netflix. This may become a problem next week when things start catching up to me!

Many people that I’ve talked to feel that God is alive and active on our campus. I have noticed it too with so many good speakers at chapel and the smaller ministries like Share Prayer and Dare, Eve to Eve, and Men’s Underground Bible studies. I’ve seen friend groups have great conversations while at Java Jays or even in the cafeteria. Watching God work at Tabor has been such an amazing experience! God is touching lives here, and students, faculty, and everyone in between are taking notice.


Stay Taboriffic!