Dealing with Confusion and Some Chaos

If college was an Olympic sport, I think that I would be losing very badly at the moment. I don’t know how it happened, but I feel inadequate in my classes and other responsibilities. We are preparing for our first tests to be taken next week in all of my classes, so that’s pretty nerve-wracking. I’m not feeling super confident in my abilities in two of my classes. Also, a couple of new responsibilities that I’ve acquired on campus are leaving me spinning trying to juggle them all. I feel pretty overwhelmed and disoriented at the moment, but I’m hoping that the phase will pass quickly. Welcome to college, right?

Though I’ve been experiencing some difficulties lately, things could always be worse. The little victories like acing quizzes in class or nailing a tough rhythm in band are keeping me going. Another thing that was uplifting on campus recently was the “Heart Sisters” week put on by the women’s Bible study leaders. The leaders assigned women who signed up a “heart sister” for the week of February 5-13. It was a Secret Santa type of event in which we all gave our heart sister encouraging gifts or notes throughout the week. As I would encourage my heart sister, I received encouragement from another woman. It was a great time to come together during the Valentine’s season to lift each other up in Christ.

My friends are, as always, wonderful. My friendships haven’t suffered through any issues, so that’s something that I feel I can always fall back on. Late night discussions with my roommate are such blessings. Whether it’s watching the Olympics, eating dinner or playing dominoes together, I’m thankful that I have them to pick me up.

School has always come fairly easy for me, so having harder classes is uncharted water for me. The attempt to navigating them is proving to be difficult, but I’m hoping with a lot of prayer and many hours of hard work, I will be able to get through it all with a smile on my face.