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Graduates of this program will find themselves in high demand for positions of leadership and increasing responsibility in healthcare and society.

The Tabor College Master of Science in Nursing program is designed for practicing nurses who hold a bachelor’s degree. The program provides a superior graduate-level education that will prepare nursing graduates for professional positions in executive leadership.

MSN Specialty Track

In order to help nurses address the leadership needs of their organization, the MSN offers an executive leadership track. This track is grounded by foundational courses and supported with leadership specific courses.

  • Nurse Executive Leadership – The Executive Leadership emphasis track develops in the graduate nursing student an executive perspective on organizational behavior, clinical operations, quality measurement and risk management, fiscal operations, systematic change, and human resource development. Students will also learn the latest theories in human communication to ensure they have the skills necessary to manage departments or nursing units within the health care setting. MSN Executive Leadership students take 18 hours of core nursing courses and complete 24 hours of specialty courses in Nurse Executive Leadership. Thus, a total of 12 credit hours are required to earn the MSN in Nurse Executive Leadership.

Program Highlights

  • The MSN degree includes themes of leadership and ethics woven through the program.
  • This degree requires 36 credit hours and is offered completely online.
  • Each course is intensive and is completed in 8 weeks.
  • Most students complete one course at a time. This means rapid degree completion with more focus and less stress for you.
  • An evidence-based project gives you opportunity to document your learning experiences.
  • Personalized attention is provided with small class sizes. Faculty and preceptor-guided practicum experiences provide knowledge and mentoring.
  • All instruction is Christ-centered and taught by well-qualified Christian faculty who are experienced in their fields and who want to help you reach your professional goals.
  • Access to federal student loans available for those who qualify.
  • Tabor College is accredited and has been named in the top 5 online colleges in Kansas.

Core Courses

  • Theoretical Foundations
  • Foundations of Health Care Systems & Policy
  • CCNE AccreditedDiverse Populations & Health Care
  • Evidence-Based Nursing Practice: Research & Process Improvement
  • Legal & Ethical Issues in Health Care Management
  • Nursing Leadership & Advanced Role Development
  • Advanced Practice Nursing Field Experience
  • Evidence-Based Advanced Practice Nursing Capstone

Executive Leadership

  • Building Effective Communication & Relationships
  • Professionalism & Executive Career Development
  • Nursing Leadership & Systems Thinking
  • Financial Management & Resource Allocation in Health Care Systems

Tabor College Mission Statement

Preparing people for a life of learning, work, and service for Christ and his kingdom.

Nursing Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Nursing Department is to educate nurses who are caring, accountable, and knowledgeable, and are able to use critical and reflective thinking to articulate decisions, appreciate diversity, exhibit high standards of professional behavior, and are professionally competent.  Congruent with the mission of Tabor College, the program encourages students to achieve their highest potential while serving Christ and His church ministering to the nursing needs of society.  The program serves registered nurses who desire to develop personally and professionally by pursuing a master’s degree in nursing.

Goals of the Nursing Program

  • To prepare nurses for life-long learning with a theoretical foundation based on Christian values and the liberal arts and sciences.
  • To prepare graduates with critical thinking skills to provide safe, evidence-based, patient-centered care that reflects ethical clinical judgment, best practices and inter-professional collaboration.
  • To prepare nurses to function as leaders who can effectively coordinate, delegate and supervise the delivery of safe, timely care in environments which include a diverse population.
  • To prepare nurses to participate in clinical and administrative teams focused on patient care delivery and quality improvement, to assist in cultivating nurses with an intellectual desire for advanced study and inquiry.
  • Retain a well-qualified faculty who are committed to excellence in teaching and participation in scholarship, service, professional development and nursing practice.

MSN Outcomes

  1. Synthesize knowledge from nursing as well as behavioral, social, administrative, educational, and communication sciences for application to a chosen domain of advanced practice nursing.
  2. Integrate theory and research in evidence-based nursing and teaching practice to improve patient and population health outcomes.
  3. Build and lead collaborative inter-professional care teams intended to improve population and patient care outcomes.
  4. Model excellence in nursing leadership to improve nursing practice within a complex health care system.
  5. Conduct advanced nursing practice within ethical-legal guidelines, professional policies and regulations, and standards of practice associated with a specialty area of practice.
  6. Demonstrate scholarly inquiry and reflection that exemplifies critical, creative, and systems thinking to advance the practice of nursing.
  7. Use information technology and knowledge-based resources to manage and transform data that inform clinical practice.
  8. Articulate the effects of culture, diversity, values, and globalization in the design, delivery, and evaluation of health services.
  9. Engage in lifelong learning activities that contribute to professional development as well as to the advancement of nursing.

Admissions Criteria

Applicants must meet the following requirements in order to be admitted to the master of Science in Nursing Program:

  1. An official transcript showing a conferred bachelor’s degree from a nationally accredited nursing program.
  2. An overall cumulative grade point average of 3.0 in the last 60 semester hours of undergraduate coursework.
  3. International students are also required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) before being considered for admission. The minimum TOEFL score is 560.
  4. All applicants must provide three letters of professional reference. References should be from faculty members, professional colleagues, or work supervisors who can evaluate your potential for success in a graduate program. Recommendations from family, friends, other students or co-workers are NOT appropriate.
  5. All applicants must submit an online application for admission, reference letters, goal statement and admission fee. The Goal Statement is your opportunity to tell faculty what you are planning to do with your career after you finish you master’s degree. Before writing your goal statement, please carefully review information about the specialty on our website so that you clearly indicate to the faculty that you are a fit with the specialty.
  6. A course in statistics with a grade of C or higher, an undergraduate research course, and computer literacy (including word processing, email and internet searches) are prerequisites for all concentrations in nursing.
  7. RN applicants must be eligible to practice in the state where they will be completing their program practicum.
  8. Criminal background check is required to enter into the program.

Admission Decision

  • Each applicant to the Master of Science in Nursing program will be evaluated on the basis of the admissions materials submitted. A student may be fully admitted, provisionally admitted, probationary admitted, or denied. Applicants admitted into the program are expected to enroll in the program within 12 months of admission.

Why MSN at Tabor College?

  • Financial aid available
  • Transfer in up to six credit hours
  • Current information and techniques taught by professionals who have advanced degrees in nursing
  • One course at a time, complete in 24 months
  • Online learning for greater flexibility
  • Christian view integrated through program

What does it cost?

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The MSN program at Tabor College is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, 655 K Street NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001, 202-887-6791.