Have you ever thought to yourself, ’There has to be a better way?’ As you go through life do you find needs you’d like to meet? We all see needs in our community everywhere we go. Students who graduate with a master of arts in Ministry Entrepreneurship and Innovation degree will be fully equipped to meet those needs in practical and relevant ways.

Students become better prepared for their community or ministerial roles through unique course formats, delivery modes, online interaction, and learning in community with a like-minded cohort. Graduates receive personalized guidance from a faculty mentor as they choose their own learning path as well as training with the strategic leadership skills required to effectively see a need and fill a need.


Program Highlights

  • Build community online with a cohort of like-minded learners through weekly face-to-face interaction using the innovative Zoom system.
  • Each course is intensive and is completed in 6 weeks. Students take one course at a time. This means more focus and less stress for you.
  • Students are paired with a faculty mentor who will work with you to select readings, conferences to attend, or MOOC’s to take to help you with your concentration specialty as you choose your own learning.
  • The program also includes an international component: a 10-12 day trip to another country that will involve learning about culture and entrepreneurial projects in different contexts.
  • Financial aid is available for those who qualify.
  • Tabor College is accredited and has been named in the top 5 online colleges in Kansas.

Career Opportunities

  • Various opportunities in private companies, church or para-church organizations

Why Ministry Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Tabor?

  • Choose your own path:  Choose the focus of your degree with the help of a personal faculty mentor
  • International Immersion:  A short-term international travel experience
  • Unique course offerings:  6-week sessions taught by world-renown faculty
  • Weekly interactive component: Students in the MEI program will participate in a 90-minute video chat to enhance learning and develop a sense of community
  • International faculty:  Students will have the opportunity to learn from faculty all over the world
  • No graduate admissions test required


  • International Experience
  • Interpreting Culture
  • The Church and Mission
  • Person and Work of a Leader
  • Project Management
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership/Followership
  • Creativity, Innovation, and Change
  • Ministry-based Conflict and Leadership
  • Ethical Leadership in Dynamic Organizations
  • Future Studies
  • Communication Skills
  • Faculty Mentor
  • Reflective Practice (The Guild)
  • Major Project

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