Kingdom Awareness. World-Readiness.

We get it. You want a college degree that fits around your schedule.

You want to get involved in ministry. Would you be ready if your church said to you, “Here are the youth, run the group, have fun?” Tabor College Adaptive Ministry Leadership graduates would be ready for a story like this. A degree in Adaptive Ministry Leadership is also focused on the future. This is a degree that prepares you for whatever you may face in the coming years. You will learn skills and principles that will guide you regardless of where your journey takes you.

All Christians, not just pastors, are called to be ambassadors for Christ. In today’s globalized society, students need to be aware, not only of what is happening next door, but also around the world. As followers of Jesus, in our global context, everyone needs to be able to evaluate and determine how best to make Christianity relevant to their specific situation. And with the disruptive challenges due to the global pandemic, ministers need to have adaptive skills to evaluate situations and draw others alongside to solve big issues. 

Why Tabor?

At Tabor, we couple Christian values with world readiness and treat you as a person, not a number. Like a master-guide, we will work with you to help you meet your individual goals for education – one that sets you up for success in life.

Our promise to students:

  • To provide an education that encourages you to place Christ at the center
  • You will be challenged to pursue excellence
  • When you complete your degree you will be equipped to make the world a better place
  • We will take the time to help you discern your career as a calling to partner with Christ and His Kingdom
  • To support you on each step of your journey

The advantages of a Tabor College Adaptive Ministry Leadership Program education are:

  • Content that is immediately relevant in today’s world
  • Finish in as little as three and a half years
  • Faculty who have real-world experience
  • Producing career-ready leaders since 1908
  • An affordable and simple approach to costs
  • 100% online
  • You will be prepared to step into any ministry situation and assess what needs to be done.
  • You will have grown in understanding how to interpret the Bible.
  • You will understand the difference between technical and adaptive challenges and know how to navigate both.

3 Easy Steps to Making a Difference in the World

Step 2.
Take Innovative Classes

Step 3.
Make a difference in the World

Picture Yourself at Tabor

“My ministry training helped to prepare me for a position of leadership and encouragement. The time spent studying other cultures and Scripture have prepared me well for the position I am now serving in. The positive development I gained is thanks to those at Tabor who did a tremendous job preparing me for life after college, ensuring that I would be going out into the world with a tool belt full of valuable skills, perspectives, and knowledge.

Katelinn Rutler, Tabor ministry graduate

The faculty involved in this program aren’t just lifelong academics. You will be taught by people living out their calling in a variety of ministry settings. Sure, our faculty have read (and written) a lot of books, but they are also ‘street-smart’ when it comes to the daily work of ministry. Tabor College has been preparing people for a life of learning, work, and service since 1908.

Career Possibilities

  • Bible Teacher
  • Christian Camping
  • Christian Counselor
  • Christian Non-Profit
  • Church Planter
  • Global Mission
  • Lead Pastor
  • Ministry Administrator
  • Parachurch Ministry
  • Sports Ministry
  • Urban Ministry
  • Worship Pastor
  • Youth Pastor

Course Overview

  • Christ-centered courses are 100% online.
  • 36-hour major
  • Emphasis on three curricular areas:
    • Discover the Heart of Ministry
    • Understanding the Context of Ministry
    • Developing Tools for Ministry
  • Focus on essentials of ministry effectiveness
  • You are provided with the adaptability to utilize essential ministry concepts and skills in innovative ministry contexts
  • Principles of adaptive leadership are woven throughout the major

Courses Include

  • Living on Mission
  • Soul Shaping
  • Ministry in Cultural Context
  • Authentic Transformation in a Changing World
  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Essential Skills for Effective Ministry
  • Knowing the Story
  • Individualized Ministry Internship
  • Christian Ethics

What does it cost?

Check out our program pricing.



Students who complete the Ministry Leadership Initiative program will be eligible for 24 elective undergraduate credits which either cover the ministry course requirements in an associate’s degree or provide ministry electives for a bachelor’s degree.

View the Ministry Leadership Initiative brochure here.