Tabor College - Hillsboro

Library Services and Policies

General Policies

Interlibrary Loan



Library Fines

  • The overdue fine for regular circulating materials is 20 cents per day. There is a 3-day grace period in which materials may be returned and no fine will be charged.
  • The overdue fine for reserves is 10 cents per hour.
  • The overdue fine for Interlibrary Loan materials is 50 cents per day.

Loan Periods

  • Regular loan period: 28 days
  • Books: 28 days
  • Music Scores: 28 days
  • Records: 28 days
  • AV Materials: 28 days
  • Music CDs: 3 days
  • DVDs: 3 days
  • Periodicals: in-library use only
  • Reference Books: in-library use only
  • Interlibrary Loan: varies by lender
  • Reserves: 2-hour overnight, 2-hour in-library use, 1-day, 3-day or 7-day

Lost or Damaged Materials

Patrons will be charged the cost of the item plus a $25 processing fee for materials that are lost or mutilated.

Overdue Notices

Notices are sent as a courtesy when materials are overdue. Borrowers are responsible for returning or renewing materials on time whether or not a notice has been received. Patrons with an email address in their record should receive notices by email.


Materials will be renewed for an additional loan period if a hold has not been placed on that item. Renewals may be made in person, via telephone or online through the View Your Record function.

ILL Fine Policy

The overdue fine for Interlibrary Loan materials is $0.50 per day.

ILL Loan Periods

The loan period for ILL books is set by the lending library and is typically three to four weeks. The due date is indicated on a yellow band wrapped around the book. Please do not remove this band. Most photocopies may be kept by the requestor.

ILL Requests

Materials are usually received within ten days. Notification will be sent by e-mail when the requested material is ready for your use.

ILL Returns

Interlibrary Loan materials are borrowed from cooperating libraries and need to be returned promptly. Late return of material jeopardizes the ability of Tabor Library to borrow from libraries in the future.

Interlibrary Loan materials may be returned in the front desk bookdrop or the outside bookdrop.

Overdue Notices

Notices are sent as a courtesy when materials are overdue. Borrowers are responsible for returning materials on time whether or not a notice has been received.

Renewing ILL Materials

A form is available at the library front desk for renewal requests. Renewals are granted or denied by the lending institution. We will renew items for 2 weeks upon completion of the renewal form. If the lending library denies the renewal, we will notify you by email that the item is due immediately.


Reserves may be checked out at the front desk. Reserves are arranged on the shelves by the Professor or Instructor’s name. Patrons should request materials by giving the Prof./Inst.’s name and the title of the item. Course Reserves may be searched by the Prof/Inst.’s name or course number in the Tabor Library Catalog. The online catalog lists items on Reserve and their availability.

Loan Period

Reserve materials may be checked out for 2 hours, 1 day, 3 days or 7 days. Reserve materials may be taken out of the library unless in-library use only is indicated.

2-hour Reserves may be checked out overnight 2 hours before closing and are due one hour after opening the next day.

Overdue Fines

The overdue fine for Reserves is 10 cents per hour.

Placing Materials on Reserve

Materials should be brought to the library before it is announced in class as an assignment. Please allow staff at least 24 hours to place an item on Reserve. Bring materials to the library and fill out a reserve request form with Instructor’s name, course name and rubric, and duration of reserve. Materials may be placed on 2-hour, 2-hour in-library use, 1-day, 3-day or 7-day Reserve.

Photocopies should be placed in a labeled folder and be within copyright law guidelines. According to copyright guidelines for multiple copies, one photocopy per 10 students may be placed on Reserve. Interlibrary Loan materials may not be placed on Reserve.


Reserve materials cannot be renewed. If you need them for a longer period of time, please return the item to the library and check it out again for an additional loan period. You will be granted another checkout provided that a hold has not been placed on the item.

Returning Reserve Materials

All Reserve materials should be returned in the reserve bookdrop at the front desk. Reserve materials may be returned in the outside bookdrop only during closed hours. Improper return of Reserve materials may result in an overdue fine.

Copying Services

A photocopier is available in the library for 10 cents per copy. Faculty or student groups may charge copies by entering their department code into the machine.

Video Projector and Laptop Computer

The video projector and laptop computer may be used on the Hillsboro campus for instructional purposes. Any Tabor faculty, staff or student may use the equipment once they have been authorized. Authorization includes training and an explanation of the use policy. These items can be booked in the reservation notebook on the library circulation desk.


A laminator is available for use with staff assistance. No laminating will be done after 10:00 p.m. Cost is calculated by measuring from the top of the first item to the bottom of the last item.

Tabor students and personnel – 5 cents per inch

Community patrons – 10 cents per inch

Library Instruction

Staff is available at the front desk for individual instruction and assistance in research. Research instruction and instructional tours of the library will be provided for classes at the request of faculty. Contact the Director of Library Services to schedule instruction (x1202). Please give as much advance notice as possible.

Media Room

The Media Room is available for use by students, faculty and staff of Tabor College. The Media Room consists of a dvd/vcr player, a flat screen television, and comfortable seating for 5-6 people.

Music Listening Station

A Music Listening Station is located in the CD-section of the library. The station provides equipment for listening to CD’s, cassette tapes, and phonographs. Headphones are provided.