Tuition & Expenses

The value of a Tabor College in Wichita education goes way beyond a dollars-per-credit-hour rate. Students live and learn in Christ’s image, enriching their lives both academically and spiritually, to prepare them for their future.

Associate Degree

Bachelor Degree Programs

  • RN-BSN *$360 per credit hour

Master Degree Program

  • MBA – $450 per credit hour

For a full breakdown of tuition and expenses for programs offered at Tabor College in Wichita, call (316) 729-6333 or email Dorothy Deckert.

Did you know… that all eligible Junior-level degree completion students qualify for a minimum of $4,167 in Federal Student Loans per term, which covers the cost of attending our programs?*

Financial Aid

Almost 100% of Tabor students qualify for financial aid. Sound appealing?

Contact Tabor Wichita call 1 (800) 546-8616 for more information