Student Success & Career Services

What the Office of Student Success & Career Services Offers

The Office of Student Success provides Academic Assistance for students.

Tutoring and Study groups

  • Tutoring is available FREE of charge to any Tabor student. Our tutoring services allow students to request tutors for any course. These students are then paired with qualified peer tutors who have been recommended by professors or who have achieved high marks in the course. Study groups are also organized as needed.
  • Tutor request forms are available outside our office at all times, or can be downloaded. Requests for tutors can also be made online.

College Skills course (TC 102).

  • This 7 week Credit/No Credit course helps students acquire and develop specific skills for success in college. Course is required for students who have been Conditionally Admitted or are on academic probation but can be taken by anyone seeking improvement in their study skills and academic practices.

Mentoring of students on Academic Probation

  • Students on academic probation meet weekly with Student Success staff to monitor their progress and to receive needed support. These meetings are essential to our mission of helping students receive the full benefits of their education at Tabor College.

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The Office of Student Success extends disability support to students.

  • Students with documented disabilities are eligible for accommodations through our office. These resources include—but are not limited to—individualized test-taking, extended test time, note-taking, audio text books, physical accommodations, and individual tutoring. Students eligible for academic accommodations must contact the Office of Student Success for appropriate implementation of these accommodations.

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The Office of Student Success supplies current students with access to job openings.

Part-time and On-campus jobs

  • The Tabor Student Employment Network posts part-time job openings on campus and in the area for current students. This resource allows current students to pursue work opportunities while attending Tabor College. The link to the blog is available on the blog tab, or through the Tabor College Digital Campus under the tab “Student Success and Career Services.”
  • Students do not need to be work-study eligible to obtain on-campus employment.
  • Each department hires students directly, so feel free to contact the department chair or director of the area you are interested in. There may be many openings which will not be posted on the blog.

The following forms are required for on-campus employment:

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The Office of Student Success assists students in their occupational pursuits.

Full time jobs for graduating seniors and Alumni

  • The Tabor College Career Network posts job openings both in the area and abroad. The link to the blog is available through the Campus Journals, or Tabor College Digital Campus under the tab “Student Success and Career Services.” Subscribe to the journal and receive an email notification when new positions are posted!

Online Resume Builder

  • Resume Builder assists you to create an effective and professional resume by providing expert tips, writing examples, and helpful suggestions. The software also comes with a cover letter builder, thank you letter builder and more.
  • For all first time and returning students, visit the resume builder now. You can also login directly from Resume Companion and access the resume builder using your university issued email address. We will gladly assist you in the Office of Student Success. Contact Daneen at with questions.

Kansas Career Pipeline

  • This free online tool assists students in determining career interests and is connected to tools for online career research. Utilizing the codes provided in the “Individual Login Instructions”, users have access to a pipeline of job & career information using the Kuder Career Planning System and the US Department of Labor O’Net and Occupational Outlook Handbook. The following two links provide access to the website as well as instructions for use. Out of state users should list the Tabor College mailing address and zip code.

Additional job search and career websites:

Career Skills Seminar (TC 103).

  • This Credit/no Credit course is designed to help students discover and develop practical skills in job search techniques and resume development, with a focus on career discovery and planning a path into that career.

Individual assistance to students who are interested in selecting a major or a career path.

  • We offer individual assessments and one-on-one counseling to help students discover career possibilities and individual gifting and interest. These counseling services are available by appointment. Contact Daneen at or call 620-947-3121 ext. 1222. Click here for additional assistance in choosing a major.

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The Office of Student Success aides in professional test preparation.

We recommend the following links for assistance with graduate school decisions and test preparation. We also have some resources available in the office. You also may find these documents helpful as you consider graduate school.

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Student Success Staff

Erica Haude, Student Success Counselor

Daneen Hook, Academic Support Coordinator

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