David Loewen, Ph.D.

Email: davidl@tabor.edu
Department: Teacher Education

Every year, David sees students become teachers. It’s exciting to see the transition take place as students move from behind a desk to the front of the classroom. Followers become leaders, and all within a Christian framework. As students see the practicality and importance of preparing a lesson for others, they begin to take their own academic preparation more seriously. During their time student teaching, they begin to see the importance of their personal philosophy of education and how it applies to the classroom. Also, as they come to understand the demanding nature of the profession their sense of dependence on God often increases.

In the education department, Christian values permeate the instruction. It is one of the major goals to produce teachers that have a strong set of Christian values, and David takes this goal seriously. It impacts his own methodology, the way he relates to students, what hangs on the walls as well as the integration of scripture and prayer into the curriculum. He sees Jesus as the Master Teacher.

David finds the work of the Church and church involvement as vital to the development of faith while at college. He serves as a substitute Sunday School Teacher and as an elder in a local Church. He also serves at the district level with the Mennonite Brethren.

David and his wife, Joanne, have a son, David, and a daughter, Tena.


  • ED 100 Introduction to Education
  • ED 101Tabor College Education Program
  • ED 110 Culturally Diverse Field Experience
  • ED 304 Philosophy of Christian Education
  • ED 412 Assessment Strategies for Secondary Teaching
  • ED 419 Opening School Clinical Experience
  • ED 423 K-12 Clinical Experience
  • ED 424 Secondary School Clinical Experience
  • ED 446 Reading/Strategies for Secondary Teaching
  • ED 447 Reading in the Content Area for K-12 Classroom
  • ED 448 Philosophy of Education


  • B.A. Divisional Major in Sociology, Psychology Emphasis, Tabor College
  • M.A. Biblical Studies, Old Testament, Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary
  • M.A. Secondary Education, History, Southwestern Oklahoma State University
  • Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction, Kansas State University