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Psychology Degree

28 hours of core courses combined with 12 hours of electives will earn a student a psychology degree.

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PY 111-G General Psychology/3
A comprehensive survey of the basic areas of psychology with emphasis on the scientific study of human behavior. A technical and critical evaluation of motivation, learning, perception, thinking, emotions, personality, and abnormal behavior. This course is a prerequisite for other psychology courses. Fall and Spring semesters.

PY 204 Child and Adolescent Development/3
An introduction to the psychological and developmental study of children and adolescents including their behavior and motivation. The course will emphasize techniques for observing and studying children and adolescents and the description of their behavior, identifying individuals at different age levels and their cognitive, moral, socio-emotional, and psychomotor developmental patterns. Prerequisite: PY 111-G. (Same as ED 204) Spring semester.

PY 205 Helping Relationships/3
Intentional interviewing knowledge and skills are presented as a means of equipping persons to become more effective helpers. A microskills hierarchy is used as the guide for the sequence of skills taught. Application of these skills occurs through an ongoing individual relationship with another class member and systematic group practice. The objective of this course is to develop beginning helping skills applicable to community service work, summer camp work, or other “helping” situations. Prerequisite: PY 111-G or SO 113-G, or consent of instructor. Fall semester and Interterm, even-numbered years..

PY 215 Human Development/3
A study of theory and research related to human growth and development through each of the life cycle stages—prenatal through old age. The influence of adverse societal conditions on the “normal” developmental process will be explored. Attention will be given to intercultural aspects of child rearing, family practices, and adult/old age role expectations. Prerequisite: PY 111-G or consent of instructor. Alternate years.

PY 302 Tests and Measurements/3
An overview of the basic concepts of psychological and educational testing, including construction and validation. The course surveys the application and limitations of testing and a variety of tests, including individual and group tests of abilities, interests, personality, and achievement for clinical, educational, and guidance purposes. Prerequisite: PY 111-G or consent of instructor. Spring semester odd-numbered years.

PY 305 Counseling/3
An analysis of the theoretical foundations and technical applications of the major approaches to counseling. The course emphasizes the role of the counselor’s values and provides opportunity for students to practice various techniques. Prerequisites: PY 111-G, PY 205, or consent of instructor. Spring semester, even-numbered years.

PY 311 Marriage and Family Life/3
This course addresses the problems and potential of family living, particularly for those who are married or thinking about marriage. Theoretical information about development, relationships, sociocultural influences on the family, and a biblical perspective will be gained through various readings of current authors. A discussion format will be used to apply these principles to students’ lives as they attempt to gather, separate, mature, argue, and communicate in today’s society. Prerequisites: PY 111-G or SO 113-G or consent of instructor. (Same as SO 311) Interterm, odd-numbered years.

PY 313 Abnormal Psychology/3
An analysis of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Emphasis is on etiology, symptomatology, classification, and methods of treatment. Prerequisite: PY 111-G or consent of instructor. Fall, even-numbered years.

PY 315 Social Psychology/3
An analysis of how people think about, influence, and relate to one another. Attention is given to such topics as persuasion, conformity, group dynamics, stereotyping, prejudice, altruism, and aggression. Prerequisite: PY 111-G or SO 113-G or consent of instructor. (Same as SO 315) Fall semester.

PY 317 Systems and Theories of Psychology/3
Designed to give the student of psychology a firm foundation of the movement in philosophy and science that has formed its foundation. It will also provide the student with ways of understanding personality and behavior. This foundation also provides a glimpse of future directions for the field. The content will include theory formation, ancient historical influences, associationism, structuralism, psychoanalysis, behaviorism, humanism, and many others. Prerequisite: PY 111-G or consent of instructor. Offered on demand.

PY 321 Research Methods/3
An introduction to methods of research in the social and behavioral sciences. Emphasis is on the structure of scientific theory, the logic of explanation and inquiry, experimental design, sources or variation and internal and external validity, and reliability. (Same as SO 321) Prerequisite: MA221-G or consent of instructor. Spring semester.

PY 326 Behavior Modification I/2
From the base of a Christian worldview, this course considers the behavioral philosophy of human development and change. The methodology of behavioral change and modification used in counseling and educational settings will be emphasized. Prerequisite: PY 111-G. Fall semester, odd-numbered years.

PY 327 Behavior Modification II/2
This course is directly linked to PY 326 Behavior modification I. Emphasis is placed upon research and intervention methods from the behavioral approach. Prerequisite: PY 111-G and PY326. Spring semester, even-numbered years.

PY 329 Human Sexuality/3
A study of biological, psychological, behavioral, and cultural dimensions of human sexuality. How human sexuality affects people in their relationships to others in terms of development, sex role socialization, gender identity, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual dysfunction, and acquired immune deficiency are examined. Includes teaching strategies and methods. Prerequisite: Junior standing or consent of instructor. (Same as ED/PE 329) Spring semester.

PY 330 Animal Behavior/4
Study of the known behavior of the various animal phyla including humans. Audiovisuals, laboratory work, and special problems. Prerequisite: BI 107-G or equivalent. (Same as BI 330) Fall semester, even-numbered years.

PY 335 Psychology of Learning/3
This course provides a comprehensive overview of research and theory related to learning. Topics may include; theories of learning, problem solving, motivation, testing and evaluation, and the nature of intelligence. Prerequisite: PY 111-G or consent of instructor. Spring semester, even-numbered years.

PY 360 Psychology of Personality/3
An analysis of the theoretical foundations and clinical applications of the major theorists who have contributed to the development of the psychology of personality. The course will cover the basic theoretical perspectives such as psychoanalytic, trait, cognitive, humanistic/existential, and social-behavioristic approaches to understanding personality. Prerequisites: PY 111-G or consent of instructor. Spring semester, even-numbered years.

PY 410 Physiological Psychology/3
This course is designed to survey the workings of the brain. It will include neuroanatomy, research methodology, sensation, movement, consciousness, emotion, motivation, learning, and memory. Practical applications will include the effects of drugs on the brain, the biology of behavior disorders and aggression. The student will gain an overview of the current work in the field, from which a particular specialty could be studied. Prerequisite: PY 111-G or consent of instructor. Spring semester even-numbered years.

PY 420 Psychology Seminar/2-4
A repeatable course for advanced students. Seminar topics vary from year to year depending on interest and needs of students. Topics included are group dynamics, health psychology, psychology of religion, contemporary problems, therapeutic issues, etc. Prerequisite: PY 111-G or consent of instructor. Offered on demand.

PY 428 Field Instruction/3-10
The student will be placed in an agency setting under the supervision of an agency field instructor. Ten hours of field instruction is required for students double-majoring in psychology and social work. Spring semester.

PY 451 Research Seminar I/1
Provides an opportunity to advance students’ research knowledge and develop skills. Students are required to produce a research proposal—including a literature review and the research design for a project. (Same as SO 451) Offered on demand.

PY 452 Research Seminar II/1
Provides an opportunity for students to conduct the research project designed during SW 451. Students are required to conduct their research and write a research report. Prerequisite: PY 451. (Same as SO 452) Offered on demand.