Music Details

Our mission statement and objectives are:

The Tabor College Music Department seeks to serve the students of Tabor College, as well as the Tabor College and greater Hillsboro communities, by preparing students for roles of musical leadership, and by providing enriching arts events, such as recitals, concerts and music theater productions.

Graduates of the Tabor College Music Department will be prepared to:

  1. Fulfill roles of musical leadership in the classroom and studio through knowledge of music fundamentals, literature, pedagogy, and performance practice.
  2. Fulfill roles of musical leadership in the church through knowledge of worship theology and knowledge of music fundamentals, literature, pedagogy, and performance practice.
  3. Perform as soloists, ensemble members and conductors through experience in recitals, concerts, and rehearsals.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of music literature and theory through the study of standard classical music repertoire.

We offer majors in:

  • Music
  • Music – Studio Teaching
  • Music – Composition
  • Music – Sacred Music
  • Music – Piano Pedagogy
  • Vocal Music Education
  • Instrumental Music Education

Minors are offered in:

  • Music
  • Church Music


  • Dr. Bradley Vogel, Chair, Division of Performing and Visual Arts and Department of Music
  • Carol Dirks, Administrative Assistant


Choral and Voice

  • Dr. Bradley Vogel, Conductor, Concert Choir & Oratorio Chorus; Voice
  • Janie Brokenicky, Conductor, Concerto Bella Voce Women’s Choir; Voice
  • Dr. Holly Swartzendruber, Voice; Vocal Pedagogy

Instrumental – Keyboard

  • Dr. Sheila Litke, Piano; Piano Pedagogy

Instrumental – Winds

  • Larry Ediger, Conductor, Symphonic Band & Jazz Band
  • Joyann Brake, Flute
  • Bruce Gbur, Double Reeds
  • Howard Glanton, Guitar
  • Bruce Major, Percussion
  • Brian Postier, Trombone
  • Jordan Robert, Horn
Instrumental – Strings
  • Larry Ediger, Conductor, Chamber Strings
  • Douglas Beyer, Violin, Viola
  • Dennis Danders, Double Bass
  • Jane Hyde, Harp
  • Susan Mayo, Cello