Education Details

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Tabor College Education Program to prepare educators who are professionally competent and who embody the Christian virtues described in the Tabor College Mission. It is also the mission of the faculty involved in the Education programs to provide exemplary models of quality education to preservice educators.

Tabor College has been approved by the State of Kansas and National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, Association of Christian Schools International for teacher licensure in the following programs at the elementary and/or secondary level:

  • Biology (6th-12th)
  • Business Education (6th-12th)
  • Chemistry (6th-12th)
  • English Language Arts (6th-12th)
  • Elementary (K-6)
  • Health (PreK-12th)
  • History & Government (6th-12th)
  • Mathematics (6th-12th)
  • Music (PreK-12th)
  • Vocal Music (PreK-12th)
  • Instrumental Music (PreK-12th)
  • Physical Education (Pre K-12th)
  • Adaptive Special Education (ACCK) (K-6th) (6th-12th)


Goal 1: Commitment

  • The Teacher Education Program of Tabor College is designed for committed candidates who have a passion for teaching and a love for students. They are life-long learners who have a strong desire to continue their professional development.

Goal 2: Christian Values

  • The Teacher Education Program of Tabor College is designed for exemplary educators who are committed to Christian values. These values are characterized in Luke 2:52 “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and men.” This assumes a holistic view which incorporates the intellectual, physical, spiritual and social dimensions of educating a child.

Goal 3: Competent Instruction

  • Built upon the foundation of a strong general (liberal arts) education, the Tabor College Teacher Education program is designed for the purpose of generating exemplary educators who are committed to competent instruction. This requires demonstrated excellences in content knowledge and pedagogical skills, resulting in a positive impact on the learning of all students. It assumes that the educator is knowledgeable regarding national, state, and local standards in both general education and those related to specific content areas.

Goal 4: Compassionate Service

  • The Teacher Education Program of Tabor College is designed to provide opportunities for educators to demonstrate their commitment to compassionate service. These opportunities are built through an emphasis upon self–acceptance and personal growth, and upon a loving and respectful attitude toward others, regardless of their gender, their ethnic, cultural, or racial backgrounds, or their religious viewpoints.

Goal 5: Collaborative Leadership

  • The Teacher Education Program of Tabor College is designed to develop and enhance skills for those candidates committed to collaborative leadership. The basis for collaboration is the extended community of learners involved in the education of the child: parents, extended family, religious and civic leaders, business owners, law enforcement, health providers, and general citizenry.

Programs in Special Education

At Tabor College, education students can earn a minor in Special Education. Tabor College is a member of the Associated Colleges of Central Kansas (ACCK), and through that association, offers teacher education programs leading to licensure in special education. Both the State of Kansas and the nation have teacher shortages in special education. ACCK graduates generally have their choice of several positions.

In addition to licensure in Elementary Education, many of our students pursue additional licensure in Elementary and/or Secondary Special Education (K-6/6-12). Special education endorsements are available through the ACCK, located in McPherson, KS. ACCK’s special education program has a strong reputation in Kansas.

Classroom Experience

Both Elementary and Secondary Education majors are placed in classrooms during each phase of the program. Students start as freshmen observing in classrooms and gradually increase in assuming responsibilities until they are fully prepared for student teaching which is a full time clinical experience.


The teacher education program at Tabor College holds its accreditation through the Kansas State Board Of Education, Association of Christian Schools International and National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) which is considered the standard of excellence in teacher preparation. Our licensure programs meet the standards set forth by the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE), allowing our program completers to apply for teaching licenses in the state of Kansas without further requirement. A Kansas teaching license is recognized in all states as either a provisional or full teaching license. Graduates of Tabor College Education Programs can receive their initial teaching license to teach in ACSI accredited schools free upon submitting their statement of faith.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Minor

Candidates have the opportunity to earn an ESOL endorsement through coursework that is designed to explore contemporary approaches, methods, and best practices for appropriate instruction of second language learners. Candidates will be instructed in language proficiency assessment and placement for programming in second language classrooms. Philosophical perspectives on ESL and dual language approaches, including communicative, cognitive, and grammatical implications will also be addressed.