Senior Science Projects


  • Tyler Dort. Determination of the Levels of Essential Oils in Osage Orange Leaves and Fruit (Maclura pomifera).
  • Kristen Harris. Garlic (Allium sativum) Flavor Chemical Development in the Vapor Phase on a Solid-Phase Microextraction Fiber.
  • Karly Lindroth-Yates. Bacterial Diversity on the Hands of Human Males and Females.
  • Amy Maphet. Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Determination Of The Essential Oil Concentrations In Cedar Tree Leaves (Juniperus virginiana) In a Drought Year and a “Normal” Year.
  • Amber Mayer. The Effects of Using Multiple Modalities in an Instructional Message.
  • Dawson Newman. The Assessment of Microbial Growth and Diversity with Ash Amendments.
  • Cora Ruhl. The Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Number and Pattern Recognition.
  • Hannah Vogt. Immunization Rates in Kansas by County.
  • Wilhelmina Witt. The Effects of Invasive Spotted Knapweed (Centaurea stoebe) on Weed Abundance in Northern Michigan Hay Fields.
  • Dayna Wohlgemuth. Blood oxygen levels and heart rate during a survey of phobic stimulus.
  • Ben Wiens. Are college students more accepting of mainstream science than retirees in the Mennonite Church USA Denomination?


  • Aaron Brooks. The Ross Procedure for Aortic Valve Replacement in a Pediatic Population.
  • Ben Clark. Effect of Cola beverages on Bone Strength in Mus musculus.
  • Isain Garcia. Which Diet Group Will Affect Muscle Growth of Rats the Most?
  • Brittany Habinger. Benlysta as a Treatment for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.
  • Karen Harris. The Biodiversity of Phytoplankton in the Marion Reservoir.
  • Jacob Heil. Electrical Energy Usage in the SLL Science Building Decreases in Warmer Temperatures.
  • Tynan Honn. Determination of a high sugar diet effect upon blood sugar glucose levels in Mus musculus.
  • Elizabeth King. Lead Concentration in the Organs and Tissues of a Rat (Rattus Nonvegicus).
  • Davis Loewen. The Effectiveness of Potassium Chloride and Formalin for the Eradication of Zebra Mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) Veligers When Stocking Fish.
  • Ishmael Morris. The Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Memory.
  • Nathan Panttaja. The Effects of Sleep Deprivation of Optics
  • Spencer Putnam. Optimizing Growth Rate of Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis) Through Nutritional Manipulation.
  • Logan Reimer. Fundamental Studies On the Adsorption of Large Hydrocarbons in the Vapor Phase On a Solid-Phase Microextraction Fiber.
  • Jeremy Reiswig. A Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Procedure to Determine Gender Differences in Caffeine Metabolism.
  • Anna Richert. The Effect of Carreine on Flexibility
  • Nikol Sandoval. Gas Chromatography-Mass Sprectrometry Determination Of The Essential Oil Concentrations In Cedar Trees (Juniperus virginiana) with Changes In Season.
  • Meredith Voran. HPLC Analysis of the Fate of Caffeine and Its Metabolites in Human Urine.


  • Corissa Barel. Investigation of the Antibacterial Properties of Saliva from Choloepus hoffmanni and Bradypus variegatus
  • Noah Collins. The Effects of Body Mass and Body Temperature on Metabolic Rate of Brown Rat Rattus norvegicus
  • Benjamin J. Heyen. Factors Behind Vaccination Rates in a Rural Community
  • Cortney Janzen. The Isolation of Bacteria from the Tabor College Weight Room for Antibiotic Resistance Testing with Ampicillin and Streptomycin
  • Michael Loewen. Determination of Bisphenol A Content in Canned Green Beans.
  • Samantha L. VanRanken. Using Beighton Testing to find Correlation between Hypermobility and Joint Related Injuries.
  • Mandilyn PHillips. Hog Barn Dust’s Effect on HFL-1 Cells Relating to Lung Disease.
  • William A. Wood. Dietary Effects of Local Kansas Game Fish.
  • Eric M. Willems. Diet Preference and See Dispersal of Terrapene ornate ornata


  • Will Friesen. Extracelluar neuropeptide degradation monitored with MALDI-MS and ESI-MS
  • Jessica Henion. Determination of Aplysia californica larvae neuropeptides with MALDI-TOF/TOF-MS
  • Scott Latimer. Synthesis and characterization of 3-Amino-2-phenylpropene derivatives
  • Kevin J. Mays. Monitoring scavengers of deer carcasses and the potential spread of chronic wasting disease
  • Joshua Reiswig. Gamma-aminobutyric acid diet during maturation of mice
  • Jake Riley. Chemical control methods for adult Dreissena polymorpha (zebra mussels)
  • Stephanie Wiens. Short-term effects of glucosamine on joint flexibility in college students
  • Corina Neufeld. The Effects of Animation on Short-term Memory and Perceived Knowledge of Middle School Science Students
  • Eric Funk. Surfactant variety of alveolar type II lung cells and their correlation with apoptosis during viral attack.
  • Ian Wohlgemuth. Effects of Hogbarn Dust Extract and RanBP9 on Human Fetal Lung Fibroblast and Human Airway Smooth Muscle Tissue

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