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Science is the study of natural phenomena. It is the method which is used to answer questions by reasoning and systematic analysis of data. Through the study of the natural and mathematical sciences the student gains a better understanding of the natural world and thus a broader perspective for the integration of faith and learning.

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Dr. Bruce J. Heyen

Professor of Chemistry
Ph.D., Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
M.S., Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
B.S., Abilene Christian University, Abilene, TX

Dr. Norman E. Schmidt

Professor of Chemistry
Ph.D. University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
B.S. Bethel College, North Newton, KS


Chemistry Career Opportunities

The chemistry major provides excellent preparation for medical school and other health careers. Over 90% of the medical school applicants have been accepted in recent years. The chemistry major also meets content certification requirements for secondary teaching.

  • Industrial Chemist
    • Quality Control
    • Product Development
    • Environment Analysis
  • Graduate School Leading to Master’s and Ph.D. Degree
    • Research
    • Teaching (College or University)
  • Preparation for Health–Related Careers
    • Medicine
    • Optometry
    • Dentistry

      “The education that I received while obtaining my Chemistry degree has proven to be worth more to me than I can express in words. Dr. Hiebert and Dr. Heyen were not only great mentors in class, but excellent role models in both the Tabor and Hillsboro communities. They gave me the background that I have come to rely upon in completing my doctorate in pharmacy. I continue to be friends with both of them and they continue to give me advice as I grow as a scientist and clinician.” – Morissa Friesen (g’02), Pharm.D.