Business Administration Courses

All Business Administration majors must take 25 hours of business core courses. In addition, students must complete the specific required courses for their concentration of choice—accounting-finance, agri-business, business education, management, marketing, or sport marketing/management.

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BA 110 Introduction to Business/3
A survey course covering the environment of business, business trends, forms of business ownership, management and organizational structures, marketing, finance, and investments. Students are exposed to many career opportunities in business. Fall semester.

BA 215 Spreadsheet Applications for Business/2
The course stresses the use of the computer as a tool used in solving analytical business problems using a computer spreadsheet. The course covers a variety of problem solving techniques with the computer as well as software skill development. Fall or Spring semester.

BA 216 Database Applications for Business/2
The course stresses the use of the computer as a tool used in solving analytical business problems using a database application. The course covers a variety of problem solving techniques with the computer as well as software skill development. Fall or Spring semester.

BA 221 Financial Accounting/3
The study of accounting as a means of communicating financial information about the activities of the business enterprise. Emphasis is placed on concepts and principles underlying the measurement of income and financial position and how this information may be used to evaluate the progress of a firm. Sophomore standing or consent of instructor. Fall semester.

BA 222 Managerial Accounting/3
The study of accounting in terms of management’s information requirements. Emphasis is given to the use of accounting in planning and controlling a firm’s activities. Topics include budgeting, inventory valuation, cost volume profit analysis, standard costing, and financial statement analysis. Prerequisite: BA 221. Spring semester.

BA 310 Management Information Systems/3
Designed to provide an understanding of computerized information systems for the management of an enterprise, including collecting, verifying, and processing information to assist managers in making decisions to achieve organizational goals. Attention is given as to how the computer can be used to provide business data and information on a timely basis. Students are provided hands-on time with various software applications as they learn to solve business problems. Prerequisites: BA 215 and BA 216. Fall semester.

BA 312 Personal Finance/3
Principles of personal finance, budgeting, transportation, insurance, investing, and real estate will be stressed, along with a general look at the economic environment of the American consumer from a Christian perspective. Priority given to business majors and upper classmen. Interterm.

BA 320 Intermediate Accounting I/4
A further study of financial accounting including accounting theory, financial statements, the time value of money, cash and receivables, inventory valuation, fixed assets, intangible assets, and current liabilities. Prerequisite: BA 222. Fall semester.

BA 323 Business Law I/3
Basic principles of law as applied to contracts, negotiable instruments, principle and agent, and insurance. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. Fall semester.

BA 324 Business Law II/3
Study of the legal aspects of partnerships, corporations, and real property. Prerequisites: BA 323 and sophomore standing. Spring semester.

BA 325 Intermediate Accounting II/4
A continuation of BA 320 covering investments, long-term liabilities, stockholders’ equity, earnings per share, accounting for income tax, pensions, leases, accounting changes, the statement of cash flows, and financial statement analysis. Prerequisite: BA 320. Spring semester.

BA 326 Cost Accounting/3
A further study of managerial accounting including cost-volume-profit relationships, cost behavior, product costing, budgeting, variances, decision making, and cost allocation. Prerequisite: BA 222. Fall semester.

BA 329 Principles of Marketing/3
Marketing problems and practices from the managerial point of view: the market, the product, retailing, wholesaling, distribution, selling, and pricing. Prerequisite: Senior standing or consent of instructor. (Same as EC 329) Fall semester.

BA 335 Agri-Business Economics/4
A study of the economic principles of agriculture and related business enterprises. Economic problems of farm and agri-business operation. (Same as EC 335.) When needed.

BA 336 Individual Income Taxes/3
A study of the income tax laws as they relate to individuals. Prerequisites: BA 221 and BA 222. Spring semester.

BA 337 Corporate, Partnership, Estate, and Trust Income Taxes/3
A study of the income tax laws as they relate to corporations, partnerships, estates, and trusts. Prerequisites: BA 221, BA 222, and BA 336, or consent of the instructor. When needed.

BA 340 Accounting Information Systems/3
An introduction to accounting information systems. including objectives, concepts, techniques, tools, controls, and audit of systems that capture, process, and summarize accounting information for decision making and preparation of financial statements. The course will include the use of accounting software and case studies. Prerequisites: BA 222 and BA 310. Interterm, odd-numbered years.

BA 345 Introduction to International Business/3-4
A study from the manager’s perspective in the fields of international trade and investment, balance of payments, international financial markets and monetary systems, national trade policy and laws. Also addresses cultural variables in business, and examines how each of a number of basic management activities must be dealt with differently in the international environment than in a purely domestic setting. Fourth credit hour to be earned by participating in a 9 day trip experience during Spring Break. Every year.

BA 350 Small Business Management/3
A study of the problems and opportunities encountered and special knowledge needed for the successful operation of the small business enterprise. Case study, lectures, and invited business persons will cover formation and financing of the business, marketing, management, and governmental relations. Prerequisites: BA 221, BA 222, and junior standing, or consent of instructor. Alternate years.

BA 355 Advanced Accounting/3
Accounting for combined corporate entities, consolidated statements, partnerships, fiduciary and institutional accounting, and other special topics. Prerequisite: BA 325. Spring semester, odd-numbered years.

BA 360 Investments/4
Introduction to investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, commodities, real estate, precious metals, etc. Field trips to various stock exchanges may be included. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. (Same as EC 360) Interterm, even-numbered years.

BA 370 Consumer Behavior/3
A study of a variety of concepts in the behavioral sciences related to specific topics in consumer behavior, including mass communications, reference groups and sociological, psychological and economic aspects of consumer behavior. Prerequisites: BA 329 and junior standing, or consent of instructor. Fall semester, even-numbered years.

BA 395 Principles of Public Relations/3
Introduction to public relations contexts, issues, and practices, including research, planning, communicating, and evaluating. Application to both profit and nonprofit settings. (Same as CO 395) Prerequisite: BA 329. Fall semester.

BA 410 Financial Management/3
The study of financial concepts organized around the management objective of maximizing the value of the firm for its shareholders. This course requires an understanding of certain foundational concepts (cash flows, financial markets, financial performance evaluation, net present value, risk/return, securities valuation, and capital budgeting) and their application to specific management decisions that directly impact the value of the firm. Prerequisite: BA 222. (Same as EC 410) Fall semester.

BA 415 Human Resource Management/3
A study of human relations in industry; case studies of labor-management relationship; methods of recruitment, selection, training; employee development, compensation, and employee/labor relations. Prerequisite: Junior standing. Spring semester.

BA 424 Sports Management Internship/6-10
A course designed to give the student an in-depth practical work experience with an approved business (sporting goods, sport manufacturer, fitness center, or recreation center). The student will work under the direct supervision of a full-time professional in this area. Prerequisite: Physical Education or Business Administration major with senior status. (Same as PE 424.)

BA 430 Organizational Behavior and Leadership/3
Examines the complex relationships among individuals, groups, and organizations. Analyzes leadership styles with an emphasis on what constitutes effective leadership given the organization and its context. Focuses on how leaders emerge while assessing leadership styles, values and skills for empowering individuals as they confront organizational change. Spring semester.

BA 435 Agricultural Management/4
A study of land management, capital management, labor management, and finance management as it relates to the farm enterprise. Prerequisite: BA 335. When needed.

BA 440 Business Administration Internship/3-4
Supervised field experience in a corporate or nonprofit organization. Students gain hands-on experience and knowledge of a particular setting, as well as develop reflective thinking skills. Students meet regularly with the faculty supervisor and other interns. May be repeated for additional credit. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Fall, Interterm, Spring semesters.

BA 445 Advertising Management/3
The use of advertising, public relations, and personal selling in supplementing sales programs. Analyzing the market to determine the most effective sales promotion tools to be used. Students will complete an advertising campaign as part of the course. Prerequisites: BA 329 and junior standing. Spring semester, even numbered years.

BA 452 Auditing/3
Auditing principles and techniques as they apply to the examination of accounting records and financial statements. The course includes a comprehensive review of generally accepted auditing standards, auditing techniques, auditing procedures, and reporting requirements. Students will complete a comprehensive audit case as part of the course. Prerequisite: BA 325. Fall semester.

BA 455 Production Management/3
Capital installations, inventory control, purchasing, plant layout, site location, scheduling, and staffing. Experience in decision-making via the computer simulation. Prerequisites: Senior standing and consent of instructor. Spring semester, odd-numbered years.

BA 470 Marketing Management/3
Designed to acquaint the advanced marketing student with executive management decisions, capital and expense budgets, personnel problems, corporate marketing policies and pricing policies. Prerequisite: BA 329. Fall semester, odd-numbered years

BA 475 Marketing Research Seminar/3-4
This course is designed to give the advanced marketing student the opportunity to increase his or her knowledge in a specific area of marketing through the completion of marketing research study. Students will be expected to do independent research on a project approved by the instructor, read and defend papers, and participate in group discussions. Must be final course in the Marketing Concentration. Spring semester, odd-numbered years

BA 490 Business Policy/Ethics/3
A senior capstone seminar course that focuses on strategic planning, policy formulation, and the exploration of ethical dilemmas in business. Topics include: corporate social responsibilities, personal and corporate ethics, business regulation, and environmental concerns. Comprehensive and integrative case studies will be used. Prerequisite: Senior standing or consent of instructor. Spring semester