Student Resources (Tabor College in Wichita campus)

As a Tabor student, here are a few links that might be helpful:

  • Tabor Email – Login here to get to your Tabor email
  • Tabor Online – Online courses and those with online content are available here
  • MyTabor – Login here to access enrollment, billing, & financial information specific to you.
  • Online Technology Resources at TCW – answers to frequently-asked questions (& whom to contact with issues) about online technology resources at Tabor College’s Wichita campus.
  • Library – books, electronic databases, resources for research and more!
  • Library Hours – Hours of availability and contact info for library staff
  • Registrar – transcripts, registering for courses and all of your basic academic questions answered here.
  • Academic Programs – a listing of the academic programs at Tabor Wichita
  • Transcript Request – For complete instructions and to fill out a transcript request form.
  • Resource Opt-Out Form

Enrollment Term Confirmation – Wichita and Online

Students are required to complete the enrollment confirmation process online. Prior to completing the online enrollment confirmation student will receive a mailing that will include your Student Data Sheet. Upon receipt of your Student Data Sheet, students must complete the enrollment confirmation process by completing these forms:

Download the Academic Catalogs

2014-15 AGS Undergraduate Academic Catalog

2014-15 AGS Graduate Academic Catalog

Textbook Forms

Download the Fall 2014 Textbook List
Download the Spring 2015 Textbook List
Download the Textbook Opt Out Form

Download the AGS Student Handbook

The new student handbook is coming soon.

Download Previous Catalogs

Contact Tabor Wichita call 1 (855) 666-6023 for more information