Student Resources (Tabor College in Wichita campus)

As a Tabor student, here are a few links that might be helpful:

  • Tabor Email – Login here to get to your Tabor email
  • Tabor Online – Online courses and those with online content are available here
  • MyTabor – Login here to access enrollment, billing, & financial information specific to you.
  • Online Technology Resources at TCW – answers to frequently-asked questions (& whom to contact with issues) about online technology resources at Tabor College’s Wichita campus.
  • Library – books, electronic databases, resources for research and more!
  • Library Hours – Hours of availability and contact info for library staff
  • Registrar – transcripts, registering for courses and all of your basic academic questions answered here.
  • Academic Programs – a listing of the academic programs at Tabor Wichita
  • Transcript Request – For complete instructions and to fill out a transcript request form.
  • Resource Opt-Out Form

Enrollment Term Confirmation – Wichita and Online

Students are required to complete the enrollment confirmation process online. Prior to completing the online enrollment confirmation student will receive a mailing that will include your Student Data Sheet. Upon receipt of your Student Data Sheet, students must complete the enrollment confirmation process by completing these forms:

Download the Academic Catalogs

2014-15 AGS Undergraduate Academic Catalog

2014-15 AGS Graduate Academic Catalog

Textbook Forms

Download the Fall 2014 Textbook List
Download the Spring 2015 Textbook List
Download the Textbook Opt Out Form

Tuition & Fees

Download the Tuition & Fees Info

Download the AGS Student Handbook

The new student handbook is coming soon.

Download Previous Catalogs

Contact Tabor Wichita call 1 (855) 666-6023 for more information