Tabor College to Sell Tax Credits to Donors

July 15, 2014

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Tabor College is proud to announce that it has received an award of $190,000 in tax credits from the Kansas Community Service Tax Credit Program of the Kansas Department of Commerce.

Tabor is one of 25 nonprofit organizations awarded tax credits in order to provide support for capital fund-raising projects. Tabor will use these tax credit donations to help fund the new Center for the Arts— set to be built on the main campus in Hillsboro, Kan. in the fall of 2015.

Tabor’s vice president of advancement, Ron Braun, spearheaded efforts to write the proposal to the Kansas Department of Commerce.

“Receiving these tax credits is a major achievement for the Hillsboro community and Marion County. For the State of Kansas to recognize the impact the new Tabor College Center for the Arts will have here strengthens our ability to raise the needed funds to successfully complete the project,” Braun said.

The tax credits will be sold to donors wanting to contribute to the Signature Campaign—the $16.2 million fund-raising effort that began two years ago, specifically geared toward building the new Center for the Arts, endowing the facility, enhancing the campus and providing for the Tabor fund. To date, Tabor needs to raise $1.6 million to complete the funding for the Center for the Arts.

Donors will be able to purchase a minimum of $250 in tax credits to be used during the next 18 months, for their 2014 or 2015 Kansas state income taxes.

Tabor president Jules Glanzer said this is a win-win situation for the college and for the community.

“I am delighted that the Kansas Department of Commerce has recognized that the Center for the Arts will have an impact on the quality of life in our community. Events we have in the facility will increase the quality of life in Marion County,” Glanzer said.

The Community Service Tax Credit Program awarded a total of $4.13 million in tax credits to hospitals, health care organizations, foundations and other non-profits across the state.

“Community Service Tax Credits support the fund-raising efforts of organizations that help make Kansas a great place to live,” Kansas Commerce Secretary Pat George said. “The non-profits receiving CSP awards serve communities all across our state by providing a wide range of services that enhance the quality of life and create economic opportunity.”

For more information on how to purchase tax credits, please call our advancement office at (620) 947-3121 ext. 1706 or email us at

Updates to Weight Room at Tabor College

July 15, 2014

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Tabor College has put in some sweat equity this summer by revamping and remodeling the weight room on the north side of the Campus Recreation Center. Here are a few of the improvements that have been made:

  • Repainted the entire room with art work on the west wall to match that in the game gym.
  • Replaced the entire floor with top of the line 3/4” rubber flooring.
  • Installed four new dead lift platforms that are flush with the new flooring. The Power Jay artwork is painted on each platform.
  • Repainted all the squat racks.
  • Reupholstered all the weight benches.
  • Eliminated unused equipment with plans for more squat racks, dumb bells and dead lift plates to come.

Rusty Allen, vice president of intercollegiate athletics, is pleased with the improvements made.

“The renovated space looks outstanding,” Allen said. “We are excited for the improved training opportunities for our student-athletes and the recruiting advantage it should provide. Andy Davis (assistant baseball coach) and Amy Ratzlaff (head volleyball coach) gave great leadership to getting this accomplished. Many others from athletics and maintenance worked hard disassembling, moving and reassembling equipment. It was a team effort and I appreciate everyone who helped.”

Faith in Art

June 30, 2014

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Tabor College associate professor of visual art, Shin-hee Chin, hosted a reception for her latest exhibit ‘Emergence’ from 2 to 5 p.m. on Saturday, June 28 at The Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs.

A 40-day meditation on verses from the book of Psalms led to the smallest group of paintings in the exhibit.

Photo Caption: Visitors gather around two paintings as Shin-hee Chin describes her inspiration for each.

“If you practice something for 40 days, you can master it,” Shin-hee says. “Forty days for me is a magical word, but it’s also a Biblical time.

“That is more like a Zen moment of work or haiku. It’s open-ended.”

Shin-hee’s works, in this particular exhibit, are mixed media collages, oil paintings and fiber art. She interweaves clothes, threads and paper to enhance the paint in her work.

“To create these collages,” says Shin-hee, “I utilize a variety of remnants of fabrics of clothing that included worn-out, nearly unusable clothes of my family, as well as leftovers from my previous work. While working with these clothes and improvising with my artistic materials, I realized the infinite artistic potential of the devalued aspects of the domestic realm.”

Shin-hee is an internationally exhibited artist who has lived half her life in South Korea and the past two decades in McPherson, Kan. She is a self-described feminist that utilizes her talent to enhance her faith.

“These pieces speak not so much of sorrow, anger, regrets but rather of healing, recovering, inner joy attained by/through converting the physical, oppressive condition into the stimulating and dynamic inner resources of my own creative life,” she adds.

Her abstract works of art, inspired mainly from verses in Ecclesiastes and Psalms, are for sale. Prices range from $95 to $6,000.

This exhibit runs now through September 29.

Another reception will be held at The Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs on Saturday, July 26 from 2 to 5 p.m. For more information, visit

Captions for photos:

  • Top Row (L-R)
    • Shin-hee Chin describes her inspiration for the painting on the right “Encounter” to Dr. Aleen Ratzlaff, Tabor College professor of communication.
    • Shin-hee Chin stands next to her painting entitled “Woman Taken from Man.”
    • A 40 day meditation on verses in the book of Psalms inspired these paintings by Shin-hee Chin.
  • Middle Row (L-R)
    • Each section of the four pieces of cloth represents part of a verse from the book of Ecclesiastes.
    • “Encounter”
    • “Yin and Yang” – mixed media painting
  • Bottom
    • “The Bridge” – mixed media painting

Tabor College Hires New Bowling Coach

June 23, 2014

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Tabor College is pleased to welcome Daniel Dick as the newest member of the athletic department coaching staff. Dick has been hired as the new Bluejays bowling coach effective August 1.

“I am excited to get the bowling year underway and begin training with our new recruits and returning players,” Dick said. “I am blessed that I have been given this opportunity and am humbled to become part of the Tabor family.”

Rusty Allen, vice president of intercollegiate athletics said, “Coach Dick brings a wealth of bowling experience as a coach and as a player. We believe our bowling program has tremendous potential for growth and we believe he is the right person to give the needed leadership.

“Coach Dick’s Christian commitment and his enthusiasm for the integration of faith and athletics are impressive and important to the overall mission of the Tabor athletic department. On behalf of the entire department, I look forward to welcoming him and his family to the Tabor community.”

The Kansas native grew up around the sport of bowling. Dick’s family has owned Sunflower Bowl in Topeka since 1980.

“We held numerous city and self-promoted tournaments yearly, while filling the house with nightly leagues,” he said. “I acted in all capacities of running the business to include inventory, procurement, cook, maintenance technician, pro shop operator and customer service representative.”

Dick was a bowler at Wichita State University from 1987-1992. He then worked as an associate coach for two years at WSU prior to joining the U.S. Army in 1994. Upon his retired honorable discharge from the U.S. Army in 1996, he joined the Shocker Bowling Program again as the full-time assistant coach in charge of player development.

“I coordinated training activities for the student/athletes,” he said. “I developed the first collegiate bowling comprehensive physical training program at WSU, which increased player’s strength, health, gaming endurance, all while tracking their performance. I was active in student/athlete recruitment, university orientations, program promotion, fundraising, inventory and procurement.”

As part of the head coaching staff, Dick led the WSU men’s team to victory at the 1998 National Collegiate Bowling Championships.

Dick has held a variety of jobs while working for the United States Postal Service since 1999.

However, an injury to his right foot and the recovery process within the past year was a catalyst for some soul searching regarding his professional career.

“It was divine timing that Tabor College was in need of a new head bowling coach,” Dick said. “Upon seeing the online posting I immediately spoke to my wife about the opportunity. The fact the bowling coach position was at Tabor College, a Christian liberal arts college, was like God setting off all the bells, whistles and fireworks to guide me in this direction.

“From this moment, I truly felt God had great things in store for my family. My family has known for some time now that God was prepping us for a life changing event. We didn’t know what it was, when it was going to happen, or where it would lead, we just knew it was coming.”

Dick is moving his wife of 21 years, DeAnna, his 18 year old daughter Gail and his Godchildren, 8-year-old Joshua and 7-year-old Jocelyn to Hillsboro.

“We are blessed to be coming to such a wonderful God loving community,” he said.

Dick is also looking forward to getting the community excited about bowling.

“I want Bluejay Lanes to become a hot spot on Main Street for the youth of Hillsboro,” he added. “My family will be operating the beautifully remodeled bowling center.

“I invite everyone to come be part of the excitement. We have plans for starting many new adult leagues, kid’s leagues, hosting bowling clinics, expanding the menu and opening a pro shop. I am thankful for the vision and dedication of Rusty Allen and Clint Seibel of the Hillsboro Development Group for their love of Hillsboro. God bless and go bowling!”

Tabor College releases 2014 Spring Semester Dean’s List

June 02, 2014

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Tabor College has released the 2014 spring semester Dean’s List. The entire list includes 10 freshman, 48 sophomores, 40 juniors and 95 seniors, for a total of 193 students. In order to make the Dean’s List, a student must earn between a 3.5 and 4.0 grade point average (GPA).

Students earning a 3.85-4.00 GPA received highest honors: five freshmen, 18 sophomores, 20 juniors and 61 seniors, for a total of 104.

Students earning a 3.70-3.849 GPA received high honors: one freshman, 14 sophomores, 10 juniors and 18 seniors, for a total of 43.

Students earning a 3.50-3.699 GPA received honors: four freshmen, 16 sophomores, 10 juniors and 16 seniors, for a total of 46.

Frank Johnson, vice president for academics, praised the students for their outstanding efforts in the classroom this semester.

“I am especially proud of each student who earned honors in the spring semester. Their commitment to academic excellence is an encouragement to all. I look forward to their continued success,” Johnson said.

Highest Honors: 3.85-4.00 GPA

Rebecca Bartel, Dodge City, KS; Sarah Hagen, Inman, KS; Michel Herszenhaut Tauil, Matias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Tiffany Huxman, Moundridge, KS; Jeffrey Pritchard, Hillsboro, KS

Alex Bumgarner, Moundridge, KS; Nathaniel Burnham, Whitewater, KS; Laurie Daniel, Alvin, TX; Katelyn Duba, Huron, SD; Jenessa Hlad, Sylvan Grove, KS; Drew Janzen, Buhler, KS; Aaron Johnson, Strong City, KS; Heather Loewen, Hutchinson, KS; Tena Loewen, Hillsboro, KS; Zach Neumann, Osborne, KS; Timothy Regier, Fairview, OK; Caleb Richert, Medicine Lodge, KS; Cameron Rust, Elbing, KS; Amy Vaughan, Saint Joseph, MO; Kaitlyn Wells, Arlington, TX; Katey Whitesell, Bennington, KS; Logan Whitney, Aurora, NE; Celeste Worthy, Hillsboro, KS

Jesse Allen, Hillsboro, KS; Joel Allen, Hillsboro, KS; Alexis Cain, Marion, KS; Katelyn Graber, Pretty Prairie, KS; Jared Janzen, Newton, KS; Jeremy Johnson, Olathe, KS; Ashley Kemling, Grant, NE; Brooke Kirby, Gettysburg, SD; Diane Krehbiel, Hutchinson, KS; Elliott Money, Sedgwick, KS; Elizabeth Nesser, Florence, KS; Lauren Neufeld, Greenwood, SC; Tara Neufeldt, Buhler, KS; Chelsea Nutt, Lake Havasu City, AZ; Katherine Pritchard, Hillsboro, KS; Grant Shewey, Hillsboro, KS; Nicole Stevenson, Fort Collins, CO; Madison Tracy, Yuma, AZ; Natalie Wiens, Fresno, CA; Carly Wilhelm, Littleton, CO

Andrea Acker, Littleton, CO; KimbraLee Adams, Kensington, KS; Scott Bauer, Hiawatha, KS; Katherine Becker, Kiowa, KS; Mallea Berglund, Gettysburg, SD; Kaylan Blumanhourst, Wichita, KS; Daniel Brodell, El Centro, CA; Carly Cardarelle, Hillsboro, KS; Molly Clark, Fort Collins, CO; Charissa Cohlmia, Wichita, KS; Jessica Coldwell, Arkansas City, KS; Cheyenne Derksen, Goddard, KS; Deidre Derksen, Goddard, KS; Daniel Dick, Hillsboro, KS; Tyler Dort, Newton, KS; Joetta Ewert, Wichita, KS; Rebecca Faber, Hillsboro, KS; Kendra Flaming, Hillsboro, KS; Anna Friesen, Wichita, KS; Whitney Frise, Augusta, KS; Aaron Garza, San Antonio, TX; Kristen Harris, Chapman, KS; Natalie Hartzell, Concordia, KS; Marissa Hiett, Fairview, OK; Brittany Hofer, Wichita, KS; Crystal Holmes, Littleton, CO; Hannah Holmes, Littleton, CO; Elizabeth Janssen, Scandia, KS; Amy Janzen, Lindsborg, KS; Shawn Johnston, Arcata, CA; Makenzie King, Schertz, TX; Justine Langer, Gettysburg, SD; Micah Leake, Wichita, KS; Sarah Massey, Cedar Vale, KS; James Monroe, Willingboro, NJ; Molly Moran, Reno, NV; Trevor Morris, Murdock, KS; Jordan Moshier, Meade, KS; Jacob Nachtigal, Hillsboro, KS; Yvonne Nachtigal, Hillsboro, KS; Krista Neifert, Pratt, KS; Silas Pederson, Gretna, NE; Ruthann Ralstin, Mulvane, KS; Taylor Redding, Hesston, KS; Cora Ruhl, Leon, KS; Sara Sagner, Cheney, KS; Jordan Scheer, Wichita, KS; Rebecca Spahr, Wichita, KS; Kaylyn Spencer, Florence, KS; Shelby Spencer, Hesston, KS; Megan Taylor, Udall, KS; Zachary Trostel, Reedley, CA; Nicole Tunks, Olathe, KS; Jessica Vix, Sawyer, ND; Nathan Vogel, Hillsboro, KS; Hannah Vogt, Newton, KS; Jessica Vogts, Moundridge, KS; Stacey Warkentin, Wichita, KS; Cassandra Whiteneck, Fairview, OK; Megan Wiebe, Newton, KS; Hollister Wolf, Moundridge, KS; Postbaccalaureate; Joanna Mays, Hillsboro, KS;

High Honors: 3.70-3.849 GPA

Mikaelyn Dick, Henderson, NE

Elisha Cairns, Salina, KS; Jennifer Crist, Lincoln, KS; Jeremy Davidson, Hillsboro, KS; Abigail Fields, McPherson, KS; Ashton Kroeker, Henderson, NE; Daryan Martinez, Lincoln, NE; Benjamin Nafe, Wilsonville, AL; Garrett Nikkel, Centennial, CO; James Paul, Marion, KS; Kaitlyn Rempel, Cimarron, KS; Joshua Ringer, Bakersfield, CA; Kaleigh Troxell, Edmond, OK; Erin Winter, Hillsboro, KS; Mallory Zuercher, Whitewater, KS

Ashton Bowen, Wichita, KS; Tyler Clements, Canton, KS; Nicholas Ediger, Hillsboro, KS; Colin Hodges, Hillsboro, KS; Taylor Janzen, Hillsboro, KS; Kirsten Neufeld, Greenwood, SC; Darian Polk, Abilene, KS; Carly Schaede, Owasso, OK; Yasnaya Susoeff, Macksville, KS; Jesse Todd, Onida, SD

Sydney Coughlin, Visalia, CA; Anthony Daniel, Orange, CA; Garrett Daugherty, Minneapolis, KS; Ezra Godshall, Carbondale, KS; Samantha Hines, Newton, KS; Marc Hopkinson, Penn Valley, CA; Rebecca King, Wichita, KS; Ryan Loewen, Huron, SD; Adam Morley-Winston, Manchester, England; David Myers, Palmdale, CA; Drew Pankratz, Buhler, KS; Jessica Renzelman, Ione, CA; Rachel Strobridge, Northglenn, CO; Lyn Ungang, Sioux Falls, SD; Daniele Wendland, Saint John, KS; Matthew Wiebe, Hillsboro, KS; Zachary Willems, Sedgwick, KS; Paul Williams, Oklahoma City, OK; Honors: 3.50-3.699 GPA; Freshmen; David Friesen, Winnipeg, Canada; Mariah Kliewer, Lakewood, CO; Josiah Oyebefun, Bassaterre, St. Kitts; Jacob Wright, Newton, KS

Thomas Bacon, Kiefer, OK; Kelsea Brittain, Wichita, KS; Catherine Christie, Colorado Springs, CO; Harrison Faber, Hillsboro, KS; Callie Jackson, Wichita, KS; Ellen Janzen, Windsor, CO; Matthew Polk, Abilene, KS; Geoffrey Pugh, Ventura, CA; Daniel Quiring, Henderson, NE; Courtney Reed, Brookville, KS; Maciana Root, Minneapolis, KS; Yago Salton, Florianopolis, Brazil; Emery Schroeder, Goddard, KS; Jordan Smith, Rantoul, KS; Joshua Wiebe, Hillsboro, KS; David Witt, Central Lake, MI

Kaden Anderson, Clay Center, KS; Jacob Barron, Ardmore, OK; Ben Bebermeyer, Hillsboro, KS; Rebecca Bryan, Edmond, OK; Sara Hanson, Olathe, KS; Madison Hoover, Circleville, KS; Allie Jost, Sheridan, WY; Tristen Long, Osborne, KS; Benjamin Schmidt, Bel Aire, KS; Krista Schmidt, Wichita, KS

Terach Antoine, Fort Pierce, FL; Amanda Collins, Liberal, KS; Tyler Davis, Hollywood, MD; Brittney Dymnioski, Newton, KS; Christina Franco, Wichita, KS; Jared Friesen, Meade, KS; Courtney Garcia, Emporia, KS; Robert Howell, Wichita, KS; Brooke Hughes, Reedley, CA; Nicholas Leppke, Hillsboro, KS; Rafael Marins, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Amber Mayer, Wichita, KS; Roger Mujica, Santa Ana, CA; Mallory Nelson, South Pasadena, CA; Nicholas Sauer, Santa Maria, CA; Kelyn Vix, Maize, KS

Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies Welcomes New Intern from Japan

May 28, 2014

Categories: General News

Tabor College is pleased to welcome new intern Yoshio Fujii to campus May 23.

Fujii has been selected as this year’s recipient of the Mennonite Brethren Historical Commission’s archival internship and will be spending a total of five weeks visiting each of the Mennonite Brethren archival centers in North America (Fresno, Calif.; Hillsboro, Kan.; Winnipeg, M.B.; and Abbotsford, B.C.)

The selection committee chose Fujii from a strong field of candidates from various universities and colleges in the United States and Canada.

Fujii is a Japanese graduate student, who completed a master in divinity degree this May at Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary (Fresno, Calif.).

In addition to experiencing a functioning archive, Fujii will explore stories, records and images housed in these church archives, especially as they relate to the church in Japan.

Peggy Goertzen, director of the Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies at Tabor College, is excited to have Fujii visit Kansas.

“This is a unique opportunity for us, enabling us to share common heritage and discern influences in the development of our respective conferences, the Mennonite Brethren in North America and the Mennonite Brethren in Japan,” Goertzen said.

Fugii will work with Goertzen May 23-June 2, 2014 in Hillsboro.

Fujii’s visit at CMBS will coincide with the meetings of the Mennonite Brethren Historical Commission hosted this year at Tabor College, May 30-31, 2014.

This internship is made possible with support from United States and Canadian Mennonite Brethren Churches.

Tabor College Celebrates 104th Annual Commencement

May 19, 2014

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Tabor College hosted its 104th annual commencement ceremony at 10:00 a.m., Saturday, May 17 at Joel H. Wiens Stadium in Hillsboro, Kan.

There were 137 graduates from the Hillsboro campus, the largest graduating class in history.

Tabor College in Wichita had 37 undergraduates and four graduates (masters degrees), for a total of 41.

Tabor College graduates represented six countries and 15 states across the United States, including Kansas.

Dr. Jules Glanzer presented two students with the Professor Fran Jabara Leadership Award for $1,000 each. Senior Terach Antoine and senior Hannah Vogt were the two recipients of this award.

Frank Johnson, vice president for academics at Tabor College, said this day is the culmination of hours, days, months and years of hard work inside and outside the classroom.

“Commencement is unquestionably the highlight of the academic calendar,” Johnson said. “We are so proud of each student who has reached this milestone. I look forward to hearing the many stories of how these graduates will enrich the communities where they are soon to reside, work and worship.”

Dr. Jarrod Goentzel, an alumnus from Tabor College and director of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Humanitarian Response Lab, gave the commencement address.

“It is an honor to be asked to give this address and it’s a privilege to return to a place that was so formative in my life.”

Goentzel entitled his speech, “What will be your profession?” and admitted to the audience that he asked that same question at his own graduation from Tabor College in 1990.

He encouraged students to trust the voice inside of them when making decisions about their career path.

“Follow the little nudge to discover your passion,” Goentzel said. “Finding the right profession is rarely about a big revelation. It’s not the result of a test in the career office, although that can be helpful. It often comes in little nudges that you need to follow in order to discover your passion. Those experiences build up throughout your career as it evolves and they shape your choices.”

Goentzel closed his speech with encouragement for the graduates to care of those around them.

“The common denominator for everyone is how we invest in and how we cultivate our daily relationships. Even the most impactful businessman or aid worker, if he or she does not continually strive for healthy relationships in their daily interactions with family and colleagues, will diminish their quotient of success,” Goentzel added.

“This call to cultivating daily relationships, also applies to your parents, especially now as you take flight even further from the nest. Call them or text them if you do, often. Your family and colleagues travel with you on your professional journey so take care of them. Going forward you will face a balance, wanting to strive for it individually and wanting to take time for your family.”

Goentzel also told the graduates that they should find time to show love through their actions and not just through words.

“You will declare your faith through helping those who suffer and you will define your character through the relationships with your family and your colleagues. Today you may be worried about your career, you’re not alone.”

“Your occupation is one-third of the big picture. Success in life is more dependent on how you follow the example of the Good Samaritan in helping your neighbor and how you cultivate daily relationships at work and at home. And trust me, if you get those two-thirds right, then with the inspiration of those neighbors and the support of your family, the final third of your professional success will work out,” Goentzel closed.

An estimated 2,800 family, friends, alumni, faculty and staff attended the commencement ceremony.

Don Brubacher Inducted into Tabor College Athletic Hall of Fame

May 12, 2014

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Tabor College hosted its annual Athletic Hall of Fame and Sports Banquet on Sunday, May 11. Nearly 400 people packed into a very steamy Tabor gymnasium to honor former coach/athletic director and alumnus Don Brubacher, plus salute all the academic and athletic honors for our student-athletes.

Towards the end of the ceremony, Tabor inducted Brubacher into the Tabor College Athletic Hall of Fame.

Brubacher was excited to be back on campus and honored to be inducted with this prestigious group.

“When I think of the people who are already in the Hall of Fame, it’s a humbling thing to be considered for this,” Brubacher said. “It’s been surprising and really more fun than I thought to see the variety of people who have come tonight; my former players, my former colleagues. It’s been good to connect with a lot of old friends.”

Rusty Allen, vice president of intercollegiate athletics at Tabor College, said Brubacher’s induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame was well-deserved.

“Don Brubacher served Tabor College with excellence and hard work for better than 30 years,” Allen said. “Personally, he was a mentor to me and I have deep appreciation for the time we worked together. God used his gifts in amazing ways. Not only in the Tabor Athletic Department, but the entire institution benefited from all that he gave.”

Brubacher transferred to Tabor College as a student-athlete in the fall of 1972. He played and lettered in basketball two years. His senior year, Brubacher was named to the KCAC All-Conference team.

As a fifth year senior, Brubacher was a player and coach for the men’s soccer team, plus the assistant men’s basketball coach. Brubacher graduated in the spring of 1975 with a bachelor of arts degree in psychology, physical education and health, along with teacher licensure.

In 1976, Brubacher returned to Tabor College to coach men’s soccer and women’s basketball. He remained at Tabor College for the next 31 years.

Brubacher coached the men’s basketball team for 25 years (1978-1995 & 1999-2007), the men’s soccer team for 11 years (1974-1975, 1976-1984, 1986-1988), the women’s soccer team for three years (1998-2001) and the women’s basketball team for two years (1976-1978). Brubacher was also the Tabor College athletic director for nine years (1999-2008).

During the 25 years Brubacher coached the men’s basketball team, he was named KCAC Men’s Basketball Coach-of-the-Year nine times and his teams won 10 regular season conference championships and two post-season tournament championships.

Brubacher was also named the KCAC Women’s Soccer Coach-of-the-Year two of his three years. His teams won the KCAC Conference Championship in 2000-2001.

The Tabor College athletic teams were very successful during Brubacher’s tenure as athletic director. During those years, the following teams were KCAC Conference Champions: football-two years, women’s basketball-two years, volleyball-five years, women’s soccer-two years, men’s tennis-2 years, and men’s soccer-one year.

Brubacher and his wife Janette currently reside in Hillsdale, Mich., where he is the director of athletics & recreational sports, plus chairman of the sports studies department at Hillsdale College.Description:

Student Athlete Honors

The Male Athlete of the Year Award was presented to Tabor College senior running back James Monroe Jr. Monroe played for the Bluejays from 2010 – 2013 and compiled 3,927 rushing yards, 278 receiving yards and 108 touchdowns in his career. After the 2013 season, Monroe was named the KCAC Offensive Player of the Year and First Team All-KCAC. He finished his senior season ranked number four in the NAIA Division I in total rushing yards with 1,773 and number seven in all-purpose yards with 1,856 and number eight in rushing yards per game with 136.4. He also broke the Tabor College career rushing record, which stood for 40 years.

The Female Athlete of the Year Award was presented to Tabor College senior point guard Nikki Lewis. The 5’0 Tahlequah, Okla. product was the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference Player of the Year as well as a First Team All-Conference selection. She not only led the Lady Jays and the KCAC in total assists and assist per game, but also led the NAIA in each of the categories as well. On the year, she averaged 11.0 points per game, to go along with 222 assists (6.9 per game), and 3.8 rebounds per game. Lewis also led the KCAC and ranked 2nd in the NAIA in assist to turnover ratio (2.810), and finished 26th in the NAIA in total steals (77). In the conference, Lewis also ranked 15th in scoring, 5th in three point field goal percentage, 6th in three point field goals made, 2nd in steals and she tied for 10th in double-doubles with three. For the second consecutive year, Lewis was honored by the NAIA, as she received All-American honors for her performance this past season for the Lady Jays basketball team. A year after being named an Honorable Mention All-American Lewis, earned Third Team All-American honors after leading the Lady Jays to the KCAC Conference Championship title and an NAIA national tournament appearance.

“Nikki and James are great examples of what we look for in our student athletes,” Allen said. “They were not only very talented and very effective during competition, but they were outstanding students with outstanding character. Their leadership and Christian influence on our campus is going to be missed.”

The Scholar Athlete of the Year Award was presented to volleyball player Hollister Wolf. The 5’4” setter from Moundridge, Kan. played from 2010 – 2013 for Tabor College and finished her career with 3,973 assists, 1,177 digs, and 113 kills in 449 games. Wolf ranked 15th in NAIA Division I in assists per game with 10.510 and ranked 28th in total assists with 1,272. Wolf has a cumulative GPA of 3.92 and is majoring in business with a concentration in marketing.

“I can’t say enough about how well Holli Wolf has represented herself, her team and our college during her four years at Tabor,” Allen added. “She is the epitome of the student-athlete. She managed to be outstanding on the court and outstanding in the classroom. She has set an example for her teammates and all of our student athletes in the future.”

Tabor College Alumna wins Wichita Prairie Fire Half Marathon

May 11, 2014

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Tabor College alumna, Christina Addison, won the Wichita Prairie Fire Half Marathon on Sunday, May 4 with a time of one hour, 31 minutes and 34 seconds.

“My hope was to improve my half marathon time from 1:29 to 1:25,” Addison said. “My starting pace was 6:40 per mile. At mile six, my plan was to pick up the pace to 6:20. However, my tired legs set in and I ended up slowing down. I knew I was in the lead and if I could hold my pace, I would keep the lead.”

Courtesy Photo
Addison kept the lead and won the race. However, she was not even expected to run in the race in Wichita considering she ran the Boston Marathon on April 21.

“Since the Wichita Prairie Fire Half Marathon was only a couple weeks from the Boston Marathon, my mom and I were uncertain about registering. However, our bodies recovered well and we just had tired legs.”

Addison finished the Boston Marathon 426th in her division, 526th among females and 4,989th overall with a time of three hours, 13 minutes and 47 seconds.

“Running the Boston marathon was one of the best race experiences I’ve had,” Addison added. “From spectators, to other runners, there was never a time when I was running alone.”

Addison said that having support all around her, throughout the entire race, helped her improve her time dramatically.

“The positive atmosphere and having other runners to push me helped me improve my time by six minutes,” Addison said. “My entry time for Boston was 3:19 and my finish time was 3:13.”

Her biggest cheerleader and teammate in Boston was definitely her mother.

“The best part of the marathon was getting the opportunity to share this memory with my mom, who also qualified. Our next goal is to qualify for the New York City Marathon which is 20 minutes faster than the Boston qualifying standard – 3:10 for my age group and 3:30 for my mom’s age group.”

Addison, a native of Valley Center, graduated from Tabor in 2011 with a bachelor of arts degree in health and physical education. She ran track at Tabor from 2008-2010 and currently holds the school’s marathon record. She was also an All-KCAC performer in the 5k and 10k.

Addison’s former track coach at Tabor College, Dave Kroeker, praised her athletic ability.

“She could set her body on cruise control and run forever,” Kroeker said. “She is also the only athlete I have ever recruited at Sonic.”

Rusty Allen, vice president of intercollegiate athletics at Tabor College, echoed Kroeker’s sentiments about Addison’s passion for pounding the pavement.

“Christina was an outstanding student-athlete at Tabor College,” Allen said. “I know she has continued her love for competitive running. God has given her a gift and it is exciting to see her being so successful. It makes the entire athletic department proud when our alumni achieve success after graduating.”

Tabor College in Wichita Sends Faculty & Students to Bolivia

May 09, 2014

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Tabor College in Wichita sent two professors and five students to Bolivia March 21-29, as part of a study abroad course, to serve with Hospitals of Hope in Cochabamba.

Rick Bartlett, co-team leader and director of theological education, and Marlene Pietrocola, co-team leader and chair of the nursing program, both have experienced the academic and transformational experience of completing a college study abroad. Both Bartlett and Pietrocola co-taught this course.

“Having lived overseas and traveled to over 10 countries, I was encouraged by the attitudes of our students, many who had never been out of the USA before,” Bartlett said. “They had an adventurous spirit and a flexibility that is needed in cross-cultural situations.”

Andrea Wilson, the previous Tabor College nursing recruiter, connected Bartlett and Pietrocola to Hospitals of Hope. Wilson and her family were missionaries in Bolivia and often worked with this Wichita based organization.

Students representing the nursing, business and Christian ministries programs at Tabor College in Wichita were excited to be part of this college study abroad.

The trip taught students how to provide spirit-guided ministry in a cross-cultural environment. The course included extensive pre-trip preparation focused around growing in the spiritual life.

The team served in a variety of ministries in and around the hospital – including patient care, chaplaincy, prayer and orphan ministry.

They were also able to conduct three medical clinics in the Andes Mountains. At the end of each day, students were asked the question, “Where did you see Jesus at work?”

“One of the highlights for me was praying for the Hospitals of Hope administrator,” said Bartlett. “We were praying for a new facility that Hospitals of Hope was expanding into and one of the students suggested we also pray for Rudy, the administrator. As we prayed, it was obvious to all that this was a holy moment.”

One highlight of the trip for business and Christian ministry student David Gray was when a man demonstrated his faith in God in an amazing way.

“The most amazing moment of this trip was an embrace from a man who dedicated his life to preaching the gospel when he realized that I have done the same,” Gray said. “I may never, on this side of heaven, hear him preach, but the instant love and respect that was felt between us was something that language could have never spoken.”

The team also spent time experiencing the culture.

They visited the tallest statue of Christ in the world – known as the Christo de la Concordia. They hiked in the Andes Mountains, attended a professional soccer game and ate llama meat in a local restaurant.

Christian ministries student Kurt Wiedenkeller said, “It was wonderful and inspiring to see the richness and fullness of the smiles on the faces of people that seemed to have nothing. After being around the people we served and experiencing their happiness and joy for life, it was obvious they had far more than what originally met the eye.”

Business student Shauna Holloway echoed Wiedenkeller.

“We think that because we are Westerners we have it better, but these people are so incredibly resourceful. If we were put into similar conditions, most of us would lie down and fail.”

This trip was a life-changing experience for the entire group. As a result of the trip, Tabor College students are already talking about new directions for life and career.

Nursing student Maggie Sater commented, “The trip to Cochabamba, Bolivia with Tabor College was an eye opening experience for me in seeing the needs of others. I was truly blessed.”

The trip also provided valuable insights in the preparation for a trip to Thailand that students in Tabor’s new entrepreneurial ministry leadership program will take in late August through early-September.

“I’m looking forward to taking a team of MA students on a cross-cultural learning experience later this summer,” said Bartlett.

Due to the success of this study abroad course, the Tabor College in Wichita program chairs are already discussing plans for a similar type of cultural immersion course in 2015.

“This type of educational experience for an adult learner is transformational,” Pietrocola added. “This course brought three programs together in a cross-cultural academic setting. For many, it was a faith-shaping experience.”

Brett Andrews, executive vice president for Tabor College commented, “This ground-breaking course is an example of the added value of a Tabor College education. The activities in this course align perfectly with the mission and core values of Tabor College—to prepare people for a life of learning, work and service for Christ and His kingdom.”

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