Tabor College Pendery Athletic Center

September 23, 2013

Categories: General News

Tabor College Athletic Center has been named the Pendery Athletic Center thanks to the generosity of Scott and Terese Pendery, of Midlothian, Texas.

“Scott and Terese have never been on Tabor’s campus, but they know alumni who have graduated from Tabor,” said Jules Glanzer, president of Tabor College. “They were so impressed with the quality of our alumni and students that they decided to make a significant contribution to Tabor.”

The contribution was made to honor Tabor alumnus Kim Wiens, his wife Amy and family. “I am so honored that Penderys wanted to recognize my family through a gift to Tabor. What started as a business relationship has grown into a wonderful personal friendship,” said Wiens.

Tabor is looking forward to recognizing the Penderys’ contribution in early November, as they make their first trip to Hillsboro for a football game.

“Their gift is a tribute to all alumni and a model for others who are not Tabor graduates that Tabor is worthy of their investment,” said Glanzer.

A plaque outside the Pendery Athletic Center reads “made possible in part by the generosity of Scott and Terese Pendery in honor of their friendship and respect for Kim and Amy Wiens.”