Tabor Honors Donor at Football Game

November 08, 2013

Categories: General News

Tabor College welcomed Scott Pendery, Midlothian, Texas businessman, to the Nov. 2 Tabor-Bethany football game.

Pendery made his first visit to the Tabor campus, and was recognized for his contribution leading to the naming of the Pendery Athletic Center. He participated in the pre-game coin toss.

“Honoring a major donor is a significant thing,” said Jules Glanzer, president of Tabor College. “They give their hard earned dollars to support the mission of Tabor and to be able to thank them publicly is always a privilege for us.”

The contribution was made to honor Tabor alumnus Kim Wiens, his wife Amy and family.

“Pendery told us repeatedly how he now understands why we talk so highly about Tabor,” said Glanzer, “He was very impressed with the look of the campus and the people he met.”