Lifelong Learning Schedule

Lifelong Learning Schedule – Spring ‘14 Series

9:45 a.m., Wohlgemuth Music Education Center

Tabor’s mission: “Preparing people for a life of learning, work, and service for Christ and His Kingdom.”

Feb. 21
Looking into the Future: Christian Higher Education
While spending a year in Washington DC as Senior Consultant to the Assistant Secretary of Education, Dr. Merrill Ewert has been privy to government policy. What are the challenges facing Christian colleges that will impact the lives of your college-bound family and friends?

Feb. 28
Church Music in the Congo
Ever wondered what’s happening to church music in other countries? Lecturer Dr. Jill Schroeder-Dorn will discuss the development of Mennonite-evangelical music in the Congo where most Congolese are drawn to the highly charismatic. Includes video and recordings.

March 7
Title Towns: Class BB Boys Basketball Champions of Kansas
As the basketball season hits its peak, the title’s author, Steven Farney, will underscore the impact of high school basketball on small towns. Of special interest to us—his thoughts on the 1963 Durham Kans. Championship/Hall of Fame team.

March 14
Life in Southwest Kansas
Since 1973, farmers and public school teachers, Dick and Carol Unruh, have been making an impact on their rural Meade Kans. community. You’ll hear how their Christian faith has seen them through the special joys, sorrows, and challenges of life.

March 21, Spring Break – No Meeting

March 28
Health Boosters; Old-time Music, Humor, and Olive Oil
Don and Connie Isaac will show-and-tell how “good fat,” olive oil, is grown and processed. Then, Al Schmidt, Via Christi, Wichita, will share thoughts on humor along with singing gospel and community songs accompanied by Marlene Fast.

April 4
Stories from an Old Town
Author Phyllis Hiebert Martens, Fresno, Calif, will tell stories from her grandmother’s time in small, rural Mountain Lake, Minn. She’ll bring characters from the book to life—triggering your own memories of unique people in Midwest towns.

April 11
Needle in the Bone: a Holocaust Survivor and a Polish Resistance Fighter
Author Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Lawrence, Kans, will share, with powerpoint, the personal stories of Jarek Piekalkiewicz and Lou Frydman—two men who survived the horrors of WWII. Caryn learned to know them as fast friends in mid-America.

April 18, Good Friday — No meeting

April 25
Let’s Celebrate a Milestone
How time flies! It’s been 40 years since the Tabor College Lifelong Learning “60+” program began. This session also completes Connie’s 20th year as coordinator. Enjoy special music, food, photos plus surprises.

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