Virginia M. Martens

Controller & Payroll Director


Education background

B.A. Tabor College 1995


Married: James L. Martens Children: Daughter, Jessica Frantz Married to Mitch Frantz Grandchildren: Logan Mason Frantz 6-8-2006, Jaidyn McKenna Frantz 11-9-2007, Matthew Martens Married to Abby(Wahr)Martens Grandchildren: Aubree Mariah Martens 8-23-2003, Jordan Alexa Martens 1-19-2005.

I was a non-traditional student while attending Tabor College; I sought my college degree when I was over thirty years of age. I completed my degree while working full-time at Tabor and raising a family. I appreciate that Tabor allowed me to continue my job as well as attend classes. I feel that this would not have been possible at any other college.

Hobbies and interests

League bowling, yard work, reading, walking, collecting hull pottery, kerosene lamps, especially being with grandchildren.

What do you love about being part of Tabor?

The interaction with students, faculty, and staff and the Christian atmosphere.

How have you seen your students grow academically or spiritually?

“It is interesting to see how students change and develop with age. It seems that freshmen are ‘searching’ at the beginning of their school journey but by the time they are juniors and seniors, they have grown so much academically and spiritually. Their attitudes, study habits, and confidence level have progressed so much.”